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   Chapter 446 Don’t You Have a Heart

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 7266

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Jack felt bitter and upset about the situation. It would be better if Emily just hated or blamed him, but not the fact that she just decided to ignore him.

Her behavior confirmed Jack's impression that she didn't care for him at all. He meant nothing to Emily.

"Emily, you must be starving. In that case, I have asked people to buy some porridge for you." Jack offered in a flattering way.

However, Emily didn't reply and didn't even look at him. She was pretending to look far away with her hollow dark eyes.

Jack got nervous when Emily didn't respond. He bent down to look Emily in the eye, "Are you okay, Emily? Can you hear me?"

Emily still didn't move or speak though she could see Jack clearly.

Jack just sat there by her bedside for three days without any food, water, or sleep. Now, he looked skinny with dark circles under his eyes. He didn't even change his clothes for several days.

Jack looked at Emily's eyes from time to time, and when he finally could see his reflection in her eyes, he felt a little relieved. "Hey, I know you're tired so it's fine if you don't want to talk to me yet."

He paused and looked at himself. "I'm sorry if I look this way. You probably can smell me, too. So, I'll go ahead to quickly freshen up."

He waited but Emily did not respond.

Even though he did not want to leave Emily even for a few seconds, he had to take a bath. So, he called his most trusted subordinate to watch over Emily for him while he was gone.

He went to the hospital's bathroom and bathed as fast as he could. But he was afraid that Emily would still smell him, so washed up again and thoroughly. After an hour, he finally got out of the bathroom.

When he came back, he found Emily the same way as when he left her. He could not help but think that Emily might not have moved a step or even blinked.

One of Jack's subordinate arrived with the hot porridge with medicinal herbs that he requested that could help Emily.

Jack took out the porridge and sat beside Emily to feed her, but Emily still didn't move a muscle and just looked past him.

"Emily, I know you hate me. I might be the last person you want to see. But pl

on purpose to hurt Jack and to tell him subtly that he didn't deserve Emily's affection.

"Give it to me," Emily demanded coldly.

Jack smiled faintly as he handed her the bottle, "So now, shall we eat together? Can you eat by yourself or should I feed you?"

Emily grabbed the bottle with her shaky hands. Seeing the ashes in the bottle, her eyes lit up for a while, but it immediately turned blank again upon hearing Jack's voice.

"I can eat by myself," she replied

"Sure, if you say so," Jack said.

Jack helped Emily to the table and poured the porridge on a bowl. He watched Emily eat her porridge like a robot.

Jack was starving but he lost all his appetite because of the kiss. He sat there watching Emily finish her meal. His eyes were full of sorrow and pain.

Suddenly, he fell on the ground unconscious.

Emily saw him fell but continued to eat as if nothing happened.

About half an hour later, a nurse dropped by Emily's room to do a routine check in her ward and found Jack lying on the floor unconscious. The nurse called for help then looked at Emily with worried eyes.

"Miss, did you know this man? Did you see when he fell unconscious? Why didn't you call for help? How can you stay here pretending nothing happened?" the nurse asked her nonstop.

But Emily didn't say a word. She couldn't explain to the nurse her reasons, and probably, the nurse wouldn't understand how much Emily wanted Jack dead.

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