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   Chapter 445 I Want To Die With Him

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"Jacob!" Emily insanely clenched her fist and pounded the glass coffin. The front cover broke in no time as she held out her arms inside and touched the corpse.

Her action brought disturbance to everyone that was there. All were in utter silence.

Most of the people that were present refused to even lay their eyes on the decomposing body let alone standing next to the coffin. When he was alive, Jacob was always handsome and clean as he took good care of himself. That was in contrast to what they saw right now, the dead man looked terrifying and horrendous.

With endurance, Emily was able to withstand its gruesome nature and held the dead man in a tight embrace. This must be what true love was like!

When Jack saw this, his face showed displeasure. He tried to pull Emily away from the corpse. But she managed to free herself as she didn't want to be away from Jacob again.

"Cloris, let go of it, okay? This can make you sick. Didn't you know that?"

In reality, Jack was shocked to witness Emily holding Jacob's dead body.

And this made him even more jealous and agitated.

His face went red and shouted an order, "Get them apart!"

The rotten smell from the decomposing body floated through the air. People stepped back and covered their noses and retreated. The bodyguards moved near and tried to separate the star-crossed lovers.

Jack himself tried to drag Emily away from the body, but she wouldn't let go. She held onto Jacob as if he was her life support.

Then he started to prick her fingers that caused so much pain that Emily had to release her hands from Jacob. Then Jack seized the chance to pull her away from the body.

Someone changed the glass cover and resealed the coffin. An air freshener was sprayed to remove the stench. Then the murmuring of people subsided and everything went back to normal.

Emily stared at the coffin and tears raced down her cheeks. She wanted to be near to Jacob but Jack held her so tight she couldn't move.

Jack took her out of the room to replace her coat sin

he felt his blood rushed to his head that he had already lost his senses.

He was afraid that Emily would leave him and die for Jacob. 'I will never allow it. She is mine. She must live for me!' Jack cried in his heart.

Emily was immediately taken to a hospital and when she came out of the emergency, Jack stayed with her never left her side until she woke up.

And on the fourth day, Emily finally opened her eyes.

"Emily, thank God you're now awake..." Jack looked at her lovingly. He wanted to embrace and feel her skin, but he stopped himself and instead called the doctor to check on her.

While she was being checked, Emily was very quiet and without the faintest stir. She was like a dead person breathing.

"She will get better and there was no major health concern. She has undergone so much stress and she must take a rest. If she got triggered again, the baby may be in danger…"

Emily was lost in her own world that she seemed not to hear anything. But when the doctor mentioned the baby, her eyelashes fluttered.

Jack wrote down the doctor's instructions and as the doctor left, Jack sat beside Emily and looked at her gently.

Quite surprisingly, Emily didn't show her disgust of him nor didn't she say any hurtful things against him just like she used to do. She just sat there with a blank stare.

He was invisible to her.

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