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   Chapter 444 Are You Trying To Force Me To Death

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 7950

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The sterile white walls of the hospital room were unsettling, and only the window with the outdoor view broke the monotony. Emily was kept in the hospital and almost had no contact with the outside world, except for Jack who came to see her everyday.

There was a point that Jack had stopped coming to see her.

Perhaps he was fed up with her repulsive appearance, or he was busy with something such as the arrangement of Jacob's funeral.

The sheets rumpled when Emily pulled out a crumpled newspaper underneath the pillow. Bold, capitalized red letters of the headline read, "Gu Family's Former President Unexpectedly Dies," and below it were details about the funeral that would be held recently.

A while ago, the newspaper clipping landed unceremoniously on her face as she relaxed on the balcony.

Whether it was due to a fatal accident or someone planned it, Emily couldn't care less.

She read the words carefully, word by word with tears pooled in her eyes. The droplets fell on the thin sheet and her hands trembled violently.

Was it really true? Did Jacob really die?

It was absolutely impossible.

There was no way she'd believe it, but the body's DNA identification and the private belongings that were once Jacob's reminded Emily of the cruel reality.

Her heart shattered into a million pieces, and her body racked with turbulent sobs.

"How could this be?" she murmured in a shaky voice.

She grabbed a fistful of the blanket and dried her tears. She picked up the news clipping again and read that the funeral would be held on October 21st, which was today.

She couldn't miss that. She would go out despite her current situation no matter what.

Her slender fingers tore up the newspaper into pieces and threw it into the trash can. Emily forced her sadness back within her, and focused on how to get out.

When a nurse came to deliver her medicine, she knocked her out without hesitation and exchanged their clothes, so she could disguise herself with the uniform and mask

She then dragged the unconscious nurse to the bed and covered her with the quilt, which maintained a facade that she was asleep.

After making sure everything was in place, she got out of the room silently and walked straight out of the hospital. It was really risky, but nobody noticed Emily running away.

Fortunately, there was some money in the nurs

offin behind him, her eyes full of sadness.

Jack felt his heart twist uncomfortably, and so he had no choice but to get out of her way.

It was obviously that only when Emily had seen Jacob's corpse herself, that she would give up forever.

It would be a great pity if she miscarried under such huge pain, but it didn't matter since they would have many children in the future.

Her hands forcefully pushed Jack away, then Emily walked slowly towards the front. Her eyes were fixated on the black coffin, but endless tears continuously rolled down her cheeks like broken strands of stringed crystal beads.

Behind her, Jack followed silently, just in case something unexpected would happen.

Dead silence enveloped the whole surroundings, and all eyes were locked on Emily.

She was still dressed in the white uniform, which was just like a mourning dress. Her face was drained of all color which made her look so pale and weak. She looked like a gust of wind could knock her down.

Her steps were quite slow, like she was treading on a knife's sharp edge that made her feet bleed painfully. However, such pain couldn't even compare to the agony she felt in her heart.

Finally, Emily stood in front of the coffin.

"I am here now…" she whispered in the softest of voices. Her words sounded so light that almost nobody had heard it. It was like her voice was blown away by the wind.

There laid in the coffin, was the corpse. Although it was beyond identification, Emily still recognized it by the small part of the swollen face. It was indeed Jacob, undoubtedly.

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