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   Chapter 443 A Ceremonious Funeral

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Emily had a horrible gut feeling as she stared coldly at Jack, who was looking into the distance. "Just tell me what you found."

Jack turned towards her, bit his lip for a few moments and eventually spoke plainly, "My subordinates found Jacob's body."

"No, no, no, no. That's impossible." Emily was stunned to silence. She was unable to cope with the world-shattering revelation. "I don't believe you. You're lying!" she quickly retorted.

"I knew you wouldn't believe me." Jack promptly revealed a meticulously folded piece of paper from his coat pocket, and proceeded to hand it over to her with downcast eyes. "This is the DNA analysis we ran on the body."

Emily quickly slapped it away, almost tearing it in her desperation. She started shaking her head gradually, "No, this is not real. You can't fool me! I don't believe a singly fucking word from that report. You have had to faked that."

"Now why exactly would I do that?" Jack quipped. "I already got the Gu clan on the palm of my hand. Listen, Emily. If Jacob was alive, he would be back by now. He loves you too much to stay away for this long. How can he bear that thought of leaving you alone?" Jack circled the table to get near Emily.

"Shut up. I don't believe a single word a snake like you is saying." Emily yelled at Jack, overturning the table in her sorrow. She gestured wildly at him, trying to drive him out of the door. "Get the fuck out, now. I don't ever want to see your face."

Jack, however, disregarded her mounting anger and was adamant in letting her read the report, "You keep saying that you don't believe me, then why are you so afraid to read the report. Accept it, Emily. It's going to be so much easier for you in the long run if you do it now. Jacob is dead. He's gone forever. The sooner you accept that fact, the sooner you move on."

Emily slowly reached for the report in Jack's extended hand. Her eyes greedily scanned the paper, and the result's impact was plain on her face. Each word tore through her heart.

Her heart broke like it was hit by a sledgehammer a million times. Her dead eyes bothered Jack. It made him feel horribly jealous. How could Jacob get her love?

But then he though, 'It doesn't matter. Soon all of that would be a dis


His hushed words sobered her up almost immediately, "Disgusting."

Over her dead body.

How could she ever accept him?

Right now, her mind was too preoccupied with Jacob's passing, and she was in no condition to deal with Jack.

"So how about you move on?" Jack was looking at her flushed face and lips stained with his blood. His loins burned yet again and lusted after her, so he kissed her again.

Emily was trembling with rage, but the emotional stress and lack of oxygen proved too much for her and she fainted mid-kiss.

"Emily...." Staring at the unconscious Emily on his arm, Jack's heart softened and was filled with twisted love.

'From now on, you are mine and mine only, ' he thought.

'You will become the most famous woman in Jingshi City.'

When Jack lifted Emily up, he noticed droplets of blood coming from her feet hitting the ground. Her feet was riddled with small pieces of jagged porcelain, no doubt from the broken vase. The blood dripped to the floor like flowers in full bloom.

He looked at the ground where the vase broke, and realized she must've been in such a hurry to stop him and hadn't notice the sharp pieces on the floor.

Jack lay her on the bed gently, feeling guilty and regretful. Why hadn't he noticed that when he was kissing her?

It must have hurt.

No, she couldn't feel pain, like how she felt nothing about their kiss. Her heart was occupied by a dead man.


Jack hated him even more even when he's already gone.

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