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   Chapter 442 I Don't Think You Want To Know

The Spoiled Girl By Changdu Characters: 7999

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Emily did not like the look on Sam's face. He seemed tired and overly anxious, which upset her all the more.

"I am sorry, it is not what you think. It is just... something went wrong with my family, and I do not know what to do. I am so lost..." Sam was clearly in a state of panic.

"I am sorry?" She was completely bewildered by his uncharacteristic lack of emotional restraint.

"I'm worried about my family. The call was about my family, not Mr. Jacob..." He was supposed to be a tough man, but now his eyes were red and tears streaked down his face.

Stunned, Emily mumbled incoherently, "I am sorry. I didn't mean it. I didn't know that your... I am so sorry..."

"That's alright. it's not your fault." He began to comfort her despite his distress, "But I need to leave now. I can't carry on with this job any more..."

"It is okay." Emily felt guilty. She hadn't expected to hurt him. "You should... You should go back then..."

"Okay, please take care of yourself!" He held back his tears with effort and left.

Following him with her eyes, she was actually thankful, for Sam's tears were not for Jacob, and her Jacob was still out there safe and sound. God knew how scared she was! She refused all bad news about him!

She knew that it was wrong. Sam's misery was not a matter of rejoicing. He was still suffering, but it relieved her greatly that the angst didn't concern Jacob.

She wasn't attached to Sam's family, but Jacob was her lover, and she cared more about him.

In the end, Jacob might be doing alright, and that was the best news for her.

But over the following days, everything became weird. She noticed that the TV and the radio in the hospital were not working, and when she tried to used her phone, she was unable to connect to the network.

Ina and other maids stopped coming to the hospital, and the medical staff didn't talk to her either. They appeared to be serious and very busy every time she saw them.

The doctor was the only person who would occasionally talk to her, but mostly their conversation concerned her recovery. She was asked to rest more and think less.

Emily felt herself being isolated from the outside world. She had no way to know what was going on outside. She called Sam, but he only answered that she needed a more quiet environment for her recovery. He told her not to worry, and to stay calm.

His answer did

He bought pink roses, some fruit dainties and other nutritious pastries on his way to the hospital.

Now Sam was not there, and no-one could stop him from seeing Emily. He would finally see his Emily.

He knew which ward she was in, and armed with his roses, he went straight to her.

Emily was awaiting Sam and an explanation, but she did not expected to see Jack, who she hated most. She frowned grimly and asked, "What are you doing here?"

He ignored her impatience, and smiled at her tenderly, "How were you doing? Sorry for not coming to see you sooner, but I have been so busy lately. I finished my work and..."

"Stop your acting! I am not interested." She gave him a cold shoulder, "What have you done to Sam?"

Jack was stunned, but quickly recovered and answered mildly, "What are you talking about? Why would I have him? Why would I do anything to him? I was very busy, and certainly did not have time for him."

She did not want to argue with him, "What on earth is going on out there?"

"Should I know?" Feigning innocence, he arranged the roses into the vessel, and changed the subject, "Pink roses or red roses? Which do you like best?"


"Oh, right, I bought you some nutritious eats. They are good for the baby."


"The woman who did this to you... where is she? She needs to pay for her actions!"

"That's enough!" Emily raged, flushing crimson with indignation, "Answer me! What is going on out there?! Get out of here if you don't want to tell me!"

Jack looked into her eyes and sighed, "Emily, I don't think you want to know."

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