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   Chapter 441 Why Not You, Jacob

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It was an agonizing three days and nights not just for Emily and her baby. They were in apparent danger and all of the best physicians at the hospital had exerted every effort to saved them. Now, everyone can take a breath as both the mother and child were in stable condition.

When she was in coma, Emily felt like she was just trapped in a vague dream. And though she was in delirium, all she thought was to wake up to see Jacob again, the man she loved.

This gave her will to wake up and she finally opened her eyes one fine morning.

"Miss Lu, you finally wake up! How do you feel now? Do you need anything?"

She unfolded her eyes slowly and winced as the bright sun hit them. Then Emily heard a familiar voice, it was Ina's. She struggled to move her head to the side and saw Ina sat beside her bed looking at her with concern.

"Why am I here?" Emily asked, She heard her own voice and was surprised how weak it sounded. Her maternal instinct made her touch her belly. Emily asked, "My child…"

She tried to remember what happened and just like a movie, everything came flashing back in her memory. She could never forget what Anja did. She attacked her that almost killed her and her baby.

Jacob loved this baby so much, but she had failed to protect their baby.

"This is all my fault! I was so careless!" Emily muttered. She thought she was safe since she was surrounded with bodyguards and maidservants. She misconstrued the situation and never thought anyone could hurt her under that circumstance, especially Anja. She blamed herself for this. If she had been more attentive, none of it would happen.

She was able to avoid the perils of the outside world, but she failed to defend herself and her baby from the hands of a woman.

A myriad of thoughts filled Emily's mind in a flash. Ina saw Emily's face turned pale, she reached out and comforted her at once, "Don't worry, Miss Lu! Your baby is fine now. "

"Are you sure? My baby's fine?" Fear overshadowed her at first, but her heart skipped with joy when she learned her baby was fine. Emily continued, "That's great! I was so worried. I was afraid I'll lose this baby."

She loved this baby as much as she loved Jac

was in deep thought when his phone rang. He quickly grabbed it from his pocket and answered, "Yes, this is Sam. I see…"

His face changed as he listened to a person talking on the other end.

Emily was bothered when she noticed the sudden change of his expression. She asked after he hung up, "What was that? Did anything happen?"

Sam tried to appear as usual as possible and hid his emotion. He should not have answered the phone while he was around with Emily.

"Nothing of importance, Mrs. Gu. Have a good rest."

Sam respectfully bowed his head and turned away hoping to flee as he finished his words, but Emily raised her voice to stop him, "Stop right there!"

Sam suddenly froze, and stammered, "Mrs Gu, I…"

"Turn around! Don't leave yet, look at me." Emily might be weak in her present state, but she could still be commanding and full of power.

Sam knew even Jacob couldn't always handle Emily, so he conceded and turned slowly to face her but didn't have the nerve to look her in the eyes.

Emily looked at him and observed him for a while. She seemed to discern something was up. She commanded, "Look at me! Tell me what happened. Don't lie to me."

Sam's mind was blank as he tried hard to come up with a good and convincing answer.

Then she saw his downcast eyes and sadness was written all over his face. Emily stopped and panic enveloped her whole being.

Her lips trembled and muttered under her breath, "Was it about Jacob?"

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