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   Chapter 440 Save My Child!

The Spoiled Girl By Changdu Characters: 7206

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It wasn't long before they got the car ready and took Emily to the hospital. Anja was still pinned down on the ground. Seeing the luxurious cars driving away, she cursed into the air, "You monster! Your baby will be dead no matter what stunts the driver do today!"

She had exerted almost all of her strength when she had kicked Emily on her belly, which was evident from the fact that Emily had passed out instantly.

The bodyguards and the maids were staring at Anja with sharp eyes, full of rage and fury. If looks could kill a person that day, this was the moment.

Those bodyguards had worked for Jacob for years. They were faithful to Emily as much as to Jacob. Besides, Jacob told them to protect Emily before he had the accident.

Now Emily was injured, and Jacob's child was in deadly danger as well. How could they let Anja leave?

Before they could do anything, Anja began struggling and cursing, "You dogs! Your master is dead, you hear me? Dead! You all are going to have to find a new master soon. Let me go, you assholes!" It was almost as if she wanted to go to hell.

After a slight eye contact with each other behind her sight, the bodyguards suddenly loosened their grip right when Anja was pulling herself. Losing her balance all of a sudden, she crashed onto the stone statue close by as she fell down to the ground. "Bang!"

It was as painful as it was noisy.

She had hit her belly on the sharpest protrusion of the statues. The pain almost killed her, and when they turned her over, they could see that she was bleeding.

"Oh my God! I'm bleeding!" Anja screamed when she saw the blood, "Hospital! Take me to the hospital!"

They indifferently looked at her in response, as if directly telling her, 'You deserve this!'

What goes around comes around. Anja had tried to kill Emily's baby, and now her own child was in danger. Virtue or vice, one will get it back at the end.

No one tried any efforts to help her and she kept on bleeding. Her face was turning pale. She began to worry and shouted, "What the hell are you doing? Are you blind? Can't you see that I'm bleeding? Take me to the hospital! Now!"

She c

sgusting! I wanted to puke when I saw her blood. How poor our Mrs. Gu is! Having relations with such a woman!" Maid A complained angrily when she cleaned the blood outside the door with Maid B.

Main B was angry as well, and she said, "Yeah! The woman must be out of her mind. Why did Mr. Jacob's brother find such a fiancee? Wicked and stupid!"

"Who knows? I'm worried about our Mrs. Gu. Wish the little baby safe and sound. After all, he was the only son Mr. Jacob had before his death."

Maid B couldn't help knocking her with a mop after hearing this, and refuted, "What are you talking about? Mr. Jacob will be fine! If Mrs. Gu heard what you just said, she would be desperate and pass out again."

Maid A lowered her voice and continued, "Alas! I don't have the ball to let Mrs. Gu hear this. I'm talking with you now. Mr. Jacob has been missing for so long. I'm afraid that..."

Maid B made no answer and kept silent.

It was true, though. Mr. Jacob had disappeared a long time ago. Odds were that he was already dead and unlikely to ever come back. But none of them were willing to believe this.

They persuaded themselves to believe in Emily. It seemed that Jacob could come back safely as long as they kept this belief. But if they were to ever unmask that belief, they would only have found deception.

Neither of them spoke again but cleaned up the ground quietly. The atmosphere was a bit depressed and sad.

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