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   Chapter 439 Nothing Should Go Wrong With Her Baby

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 7054

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At last when Anja was released, she was as pale as a sheet of paper and covered with sweat, as if she'd been fished out of water.

"Let me go, let me go..."

"You wanna go?" Emily looked down at her, as if she was looking at a clown.

The dishevelment of Anja contrasted sharply with Emily's elegance. Anja shook her head in horror, "I want...I want to go..."

She didn't want to suffer any more torture. Over and over again, she didn't know when she would really hit the wall. Round after round of fear swept over her, hardly leaving her even a moment to gasp.

"If so, don't come here again. I don't want to see you, ever again." Emily looked at the bothersome woman with sharp eyes.

There was a baby in Anya. Of course Emily would not hurt an innocent. She had brought the slap upon herself, and Emily hoped that she would remember the lesson.

Nobody could ever say that Jacob was dead, nobody dared.

Emily turned and left. Anja sat on the floor, gawking at her back. Slowly, she realized that she had been made a fool by Emily.

She couldn't possibly hate Emily any more than she already did in her black heart. She had the impulse to slap her through the face. However, with so many bodyguards around, her courage and bravery disappeared, though she really did want to do it.

What she could do was staring at Emily's back while plotting vengeance. Her eyes burned a hole between Emily's shoulders. Then she noticed a detail which had previously eluded her.

Emily was wrapped in an overcoat. When the wind blew, lifting a corner of the heavy garment, a slightly protruding abdomen appeared... Besides, Emily walked slowly and subconsciously put her hands on her abdomen every now and then. Seeing all of this, Anja was sure that she was pregnant, just as Anja herself was.

It seemed that Emily's pregnancy was further along than hers though.

At this moment, a vicious idea came to her, grew crazily like a weed, which then twined around her heart.

She rolled her eyes suddenly, and fell onto the ground in an inexplicable agony, "Ouch! It's killing me. What's wrong with my ab

d close to Emily's ear purposefully. The bodyguards seemed to smell a rat, but before they could react, it was too late.

"I say, I want you to go to hell!"

Anja's sudden roar almost deafened Emily, and she was yanked to the floor by the devious woman. She fell hard on the ground before she could realize what was happening.

The bodyguards rushed to them, but Anja seized her chance and kicked Emily's abdomen with all her might. She was pinned to the floor, but laughed madly, glorifying in what she had done.

"Hahahaha, I knew there was a bastard in your belly! No wonder you could be that arrogant!" Although she was pressed on the ground, Anja continued laughing heartily, elated with her accomplishment.

In her eyes, Emily was arrogant just because she carried a baby. After all, Jacob was dead and this was his posthumous child. Wouldn't it be precious?

If she was able to kick the bastard to death, then this bitch would no longer be so arrogant, would she?

The heir of the Gu family could only be the one in Anja's womb.

"Mrs. Gu! Are you all right, my Mrs. Gu?"

Emily was lying gasping on the floor next to the incapacitated villain. Round after round of pain nearly made her faint. It seemed that a warm liquid was flowing slowly down her legs...

The moment before she lost consciousness, the only thought in her mind was that nothing should go wrong with her baby...

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