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   Chapter 438 Spoken Words Could Never Be Taken Back

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 7046

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Anja looked closely at her outfit, an outdated, pilling sweater and a short skirt with small leather boots. She had always considered herself fashionable, but compared to the grace and temperament of Emily's dress she was suddenly revealed a beggar. Emily was blessed with thick mane-like hair, while Anja's was dry and coarse and a total mess due to years of neglect.

It seemed that Emily looked like a beautiful fairy, while Anja looked like an ordinary maid.

Anja couldn't help but consider that Emily was in relationship with Jacob, while she was with Jasper. And though the two were brothers, there was such a difference between the treatment of her and Emily.

Not to mention that Anja was pregnant.

At the thought of this, Anja seemed to gain a little more confidence. With her back straight and her hands touching her flat belly, Anja said, "I am Jasper's betrothed and have conceived his kid. Please release Jasper as soon as possible."

Emily glanced negligently at her belly and said, "Whether releasing him or not, is not up to me. It is right that he should pay the price for what he has done."

Right or not, Anja didn't care at all. She used to be a waitress in a pub, and there she met Jasper, whose name was still Len then. They naturally fell in love. When she found out about Jasper's identity, she felt surprised at first and then fortunate as she thought she had chosen the right person, someone who could look after her.

Anja was more than excited by the news that Jacob had an accident, for all Jacob owned would now belong to Jasper.

Just as she fantasized about becoming a wealthy lady, Jasper was sent to prison by Emily. How could Anja just sit there and do nothing?

"After all, Jasper is Jacob's brother. How could you deal with him like that? Who do you think you are? Now that Jacob is dead, you will depend on Jasper to support you in the future, won't you? Don't blame us for ignoring you then!"

"Jacob isn't dead!" shouted Emily. She couldn't keep calm any more. Coldly gazing at Anja, she said indifferently, "He must be alive, safe and sound somewhere.

"I won't listen to you. What a vicious woman you are! You just want me to die, so you can be rid of any trouble. Pooh, I won't do as you expect."

Emily had already assessed what Anja was like and said disdainfully, "Spoken words shouldn't be taken back so easily."

Anja was suddenly panic-stricken, blinking she asked, "What do you mean?"

"I mean nothing other than you should realize what you just said." Emily said easily. Then she said to bodyguards, "Please help her."

The bodyguards immediately understood, they easily grabbed Anja, and lifting her moved toward the hard wall.

"Ah!" She cried in terror. Anja was positioned like a battering ram before she could even react, the white wall in front of her grew wider and wider, and then she screamed in horror.

If she hit the wall, her head would definitely break open like a melon!


The second before she bumped into the wall, Emily calmly said, "Stop."

Anja didn't feel the imagined pain and head bleeding she had envisioned, but she was scared to death and crumpled to the ground, weeping dreadfully now.

Before she could recover some composure, she heard Emily saying, "Go on."

Her face crumpled completely with manic fear. The bodyguards lifted her again to bump against the wall, but suddenly stopped just before hitting the wall. Again and again, she was almost driven mad, reduced to a quivering mess.

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