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   Chapter 435 A Man Who Looks Like Jacob

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 9913

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It wasn't merely Emily this time. Even Sam saw the man, so striking in his resemblance to Jacob that it would have been hard to differentiate the two even under a microscope.

Sam was just about to say something, but was interrupted suddenly as Emily nudged him and urged, "What are you waiting for, Sam? Come on! Let's go ahead and look carefully!"

Sam gobbled up his yet-to-come sentence and followed Emily silently along the river bank. However, it was clear that he didn't feel totally comfortable; behind Emily, he had also gestured his bodyguards to follow them.

"Slow down, Mrs. Gu, Don't run so fast!" he called out after her, afraid that she would trip and fall.

"Slow down? How on God's green earth can I slow down?" Emily's eyes were full of excitement as she asked, "Is that Jacob? He's back, right?"

Sam thought for a second and answered, "Maybe it's not..."

But Emily had lost all senses now and paid no attention to the vague yet negative response he had given. At the moment, all she seemed to care about was getting across the river as quickly as possible and confirm for herself if the man in front of them was Jacob or someone else. To be frank, she wanted him to be Jacob; his face was on her mind day and night and she could never forget him.

Afraid for her safety, Sam asked the bodyguards to surround her as she scuttled across, protecting her from any danger. It was only a few moments passed before they arrived at the opposite bank. The man had appeared there a few minutes ago, but now no one could be seen.

"There's blood over here!" Emily's sharp eyesight picked up the crimson patches on the ground at once, which gave more weight to her fears about that Jacob being in danger. "He's injured. We must find him as soon as possible!" she gasped as she hurried after the trail of blood.

Sam bit his lips and wondered if he should tell her that the man whose steps she was trying to retrace was not Jacob. He was afraid that Emily would fall into despair when reality finally dawned on her and it would give her a terrible blow. The lines between hope and despair are very thin and walking over that edge for too long can drive people crazy.

Since Emily had already started on the trail of bloodstains before Sam could even open his mouth, therefore, he had no choice but to try and keep up with her, which was getting harder due to her rapid pace.

They kept walking until a stone shot up in their path and they noticed a man trying to hide behind it. The bodyguards immediately went over and tried to get a good look at him.

Emily stood still, her heart beating faster and faster in her chest like muffled drums. Such was the power of her nervousness that even after her incessant concern for Jacob, she failed to come forward.

Surely, it was Jacob behind that stone. Otherwise, how could two men look so alike in appearance?

Emily took a deep breath to calm herself down and walked over step by step. But

look at him and asked, "Do you know Mr. Jacob's whereabouts?"

"Whereabouts?" Jasper burst into laughter as if he had heard a joke, and then answered his question with another one of his own, "Didn't he die a few days ago?"

Sam got so angry at his words that he thumped his hand on the bed. He glared at Jasper with rage, as his eyes shone like two burning red lanterns, overwhelmed with anger and hatred. At this moment, he could hardly control himself and wanted to kill Jasper.

Now his mood was the same as Emily's as they both could not bear any words about Jacob's dead, no matter who said that.

"Since you don't want to say something, I'll use my way to get what I want. I hope you won't die easily."

After saying that, Sam turned around and left straight away. Jasper felt somewhat scared when he recalled Sam's last malevolent stare. He could not help but tremble in bed with his hair standing on end as it reminded him of Jacob.

'Sure enough, the stooge has the same personalities as his master.

No wonder I would have an illusion that Jacob was standing in front of me, ' thought Jasper.

Sam had his own tricks to make people talk. Jasper thought that he would not dare to kill him, but he had forgotten the fact that Sam had a thousand ways of making him suffer before he died.

Soon Sam got everything out from Jasper.

In Tyrone Mansion, Emily was quietly listening to Sam's report.

"Jasper colluded with Jack a long time ago. He was the whistleblower. But the car incident was planned completely by Jack, and the Tao clan was also involved in it. They are accomplices... After that incident, Jack sent out his men to kill him in an effort to tie up some loose ends. That was how he ended up so injured...

On the surface, it looked like a simple car accident, but as I said, that was merely the surface. Inquiring deeper into the matter led to the conclusion that several forces were involved in it, waiting for us to sort them out."

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