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   Chapter 433 Jacob, Is That You

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 7308

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Hearing this, a flash of hatred swept across Emily's eyes. It was not the first time for Jack to force her into doing something she was unwilling to do. In her mind, he could not be called human, but was rather something inferior to beasts.

"What are you doing with so many scissors?" Asked Magee. His words drew her out of her reverie.

Mindfully she explained, "I've heard that if you bury scissors near the river where a person went missing, you'll find him within three days, so I want to give it a try."

Though he had never heard of this, he didn't laugh at her. He nodded in agreement, "Maybe it works. It's hard to say."

Under the circumstances, he understood how Emily felt, and would not pour cold water on her hopes.

Anyway, there was nothing to lose in trying.

"But, it's not necessarily within three days that you would find him. Jacob may be far away from us. He needs time to come back, so you may have to wait for him a little longer."

Listening carefully to him, and a little warmth flared at the bottom of her exhausted heart. She knew that he was telling her not to lose heart, even if she could not find Jacob in three days.

"Yes, I know. Thank you."

"You are going to bury them now? Let me help you."

"Okay." They walked around the river bank, and trampled about to find the softest place. She pointed her toes to a place, and said, "Let's bury them here. I heard that the deeper you bury them, the better the effect."

He randomly selected a strong branch. Then he went to the place Emily had pointed out and squatted down to dig a hole.

They dug together until the sand pit was half a meter deep, then placed the scissors inside, covered it over again. Finally, they stepped on the excavation with their feet.

Emily did not know whether such a method would work, but she was hoping for a miracle.

"Thank you, Mr. Lin." She went to the riverside and washed her hands. Looking up at Magee, who leaned against a big stone waiting for her, she asked, "Do you need me to send you back?"

"No." He refused her. "You go back first," he said with a casual expression on his face.

Hearing this, Emily did not insist. She nodded, "Oka

that you?"

As she spoke the man suddenly took her into a tight embrace, holding her so tightly as to rub her into his very bones. It was an act of passion filled with unreconciled longing and anger.

Locked in his arms, she was almost unable to breathe. She struggled desperately, and a gust of panic surged into her heart. She gasped, "Let me go! You let me go at once! I am sure you are not Jacob!"

As if he hadn't heard any of her protests, the man tightened his grip. She fought back, biting hard into his shoulder, and drawing blood through his thin clothes.

"Hiss..." he gasped in pain. The man couldn't help taking a deep breath, and loosening his hold. Emily squirmed from his grasp like a fish off the hook, with a loud 'click' she turned on the light.

The room was suddenly revealed in the brightness. When she saw the man's face clearly, her pupils tightened in anger and fear, "Jack!" she exclaimed. "Why are you here? What on earth are you planning on doing here?"

"I'm sorry, Emily." Jack's face was regretful and he said guiltily, "I've come to apologize to you."

He tried to approach Emily, but she scrambled backward, alert and weary, like a trembling rabbit.

"You come to my room at midnight to apologize?" she asked incredulously. Totally unconvinced, she regarded Jack with the same frightened look which prey animals reserved for predatory beasts, "No matter how you got in here, just get out of here immediately!"

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