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   Chapter 431 Don't You Ever Say Anything Like That Again

The Spoiled Girl By Changdu Characters: 8094

Updated: 2019-04-30 02:25

It was time for Emily to leave so she decided to bid farewell to Beryl. Both of them were reluctant to leave each other. Yet the hope that Beryl would recover soon made Emily leave the hospital. She was very excited to see Beryl completely recovered.

Emily got inside the car and the driver drove her to Tyrone Mansion. Sam had ordered the driver to prevent Emily from feeling any sort of remorse. Hence the driver took a detour in order to bypass the bridge where Jacob had the accident.

In side the car, Emily leaned back and relaxed a bit. She refreshed her spirit by closing her eyes for a few seconds. Just when she was going to doze off, she suddenly remembered something and opened her eyes. "Go to the bridge," she said.

Listening to her order, the driver was hesitant to follow it. "Mrs...."

Emily sighed and said, "It doesn't matter. I am over this. Take it easy and just do as I say."

With no choice, the driver was forced to do as Emily asked. He turned and took to the road where Jacob had had an accident.

The scenery outside the window was fleeting. Unconsciously, Emily squeezed her hands and had her nails fall into her palm. Yet she couldn't stop herself from looking outside. Her entire focus was on the view outside the car's window. This felt like self-torture to her.

Inside her head, she was thinking what Jacob had thought when this accident happened.

'When this happened, he must have felt desperate. There was no one to save him, ' Emily's mind answered.

"Go to the riverbank," Emily said with pursed lips. Emily closed her eyes and then opened again. Holding back her tears, she saw the car slowly stopping by the river. "It's said that if someone is missing, his relative can bury a pair of scissors in the riverside. In that way, he can be found within three days."

"Mrs. This is just superstition..." The driver did not finish his sentence because he felt deeply touched by her sadness. He resumed, "Maybe we can give it a try!"

Emily nodded her head in consent. "Would you please go and buy some scissors? No...not only just a a few more extra please."

"But Mrs.... if I leave, you will be alone here..."

"It's okay. There are people around. It is not a dangerous place.. Now hurry up and get it. I'll be here waiting for you."

"…… All right." The driver hesitated but finally admitted his defeat. Deep down, he was certain he would be able t

bbish again!" Jack wasn't believing her words. He continued speaking, "I know you would never let me die. You still love me so you can't watch me die! This is the truth Emily!"

She felt no emotion for him and looked as cold as ice. "Don't flatter yourself. Who do you think you are! Do you think I will save someone who might have murdered my husband?" Emily spat these words out at him.

Her words were like a sharp sword and it jabbed Jack straight into his heart. "I don't believe it," he replied denying her words.

"I am not surprised. You are good at imagining things. You like to think of yourself as an important person even though you mean nothing to me."

"I do not believe it!" Jack repeated this sentence even louder. Holding Emily tightly, he pulled her closer and kissed her on the beach.

"Mmm…… You son of a bitch! Don't you dare kiss me!" Emily struggled desperately against his strong body. Her fingernails left a long scratch on Jack's neck but he didn't budge. For the next few seconds, her wrists were clamped to the top of her head by Jack using his one hand.

Then she was thrown violent kisses all over her face. Emily's neck was covered with his teeth marks. It seemed like Jack wanted to mark his territory over her whole body.

Being under his grasp, Emily felt like she was being entangled by a big poisonous snake. These wet kisses made her feel disgusted and sick. She clenched her teeth and lifted her feet to kick him!

Jack seemed to know all her moves. Before she could attack, his big hand accurately grasped her ankle, separating her legs and raising her skirt.

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