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   Chapter 430 You Bitch!

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He knew of course that her words were aimed at slandering Emily. How could she imagine that he was unaware of how many men Emily had other than him?

Aware that she was lying about the boyfriend, the last thing he wanted to hear from anyone was a reminder that Emily had belonged to another man previously.

"Fuck off! Don't let me say it again."

"Mr. Jack, I have always had a crush on you, for such a long time now."

"On me? Don't you mean my money and power? Or my good looks?"

"Mr. Jack, I really like you. Not because of your..."

She unwisely continued badgering Jack and he lost all patience with her. As he was about to push her away, Emily appeared in the entrance of Lu Jewelry.

"Cloris!" He was angered by the sudden and unnecessary guilt he felt when he saw Emily, especially while having this bothersome harridan near him. This woman was keeping him from Emily, and he felt nothing but disgust for her.

"Fuck! Get away from me!"

Seeing Emily as well, the woman leaned in even closer to Jack on purpose, and her breast brushed across his arm as she flirted in earnest now, "Ouch! Mr. Jack, my feet are so painful, would you hold me ..."

Revolted, he pushed her away immediately, his face filled with disdain like he touched something disgusting. And he yelled, "What the hell are you doing? Bitch! Cloris! Wait! Listen to me!"

When he had become a man, he had enjoyed the company of many women. They had all tried to seduce him, but this woman's blatant and flirtatious designs were the worst he had ever seen.

What made it worse was that Emily saw it.

'This damn woman, ' Jack thought angrily.

Considering their history, that he cheated on Emily before, she must have an even worse impression of him now, after seeing this. She must hate him even more.

"Cloris!" He rushed to catch up with her, but she climbed into the backseat of her car. His face turned gloomy as the driver sped away, leaving him once again frustrated in his desires.

The taunting woman still leaned against his car when Jack turned around and walked back. Venom filled his eyes, intimidating to anyone around him.

She felt like a viper was staring at her now. Horror chilled her spine and she stammered, "M-Mr. Jack, I..."

She feigned meekness as a last

Time flew. After a week, they were still no closer to finding Jacob. She became more and more worried about him, but she dared not show her anxiety on the outside.

She needed to keep everything under control, including those excellent subordinates Jacob left for her.

Meanwhile, she came to see Beryl several times after receiving permission from Doctor Horry. She was making a good recovery, and looked like a regular child now, except for being quieter than before.

"Mommy, where's daddy? Why doesn't he come to see me?" Beryl was puzzled why her mother came to see her alone.

She didn't want to tell her the truth. Beryl was a child and would not be able to deal with the cruelty, so Emily explained, "Daddy is very busy now. Daddy will come to see you as soon as he had time, okay?"

Beryl looked disappointed but she said, "Doctor Horry said I could come home in a few days."

"Really? That's so good!" She forced herself to smile and continued, "Tell you what. Mommy will keep this as a secret. And when you come home, let's give daddy a big surprise! What do you think?"

"Yeah!" It was the first smile that Beryl gave in recent days, and it was like the sun, dispersing the haze of depression which had hung over her.

She tightly held her child in her arms. With tears falling quietly, Emily thought to herself, 'Look, Jacob! Our daughter misses you so much. Will you come back to us?

Please stop hiding!

I miss you so much as well.

Please come home now, ' she begged him silently.

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