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   Chapter 429 A Drowned Rat

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Emily had employed a tremendous amount of manpower to search for Jacob, but she still found nothing. She almost wanted to drain the whole river and search every square meter of riverbed to find her lost lover.

She became more panicked as time went by. The longer Jacob remained missing, the more stress she was under. She wanted to know what had happened to him, but at the same time, she was afraid that the answer would knock her down. The thought of Jacob's death overwhelmed her mind and tore her soul into shreds.

'No news, is the best news, ' She comforted her aching heart.

Though she used to be a materialist, she now went to temples to burn incense and pray to Buddhas. She tried all the ways she knew to pray for Jacob's safety, even copying the Buddhist Scriptures every day to bless Jacob, hoping that he would return to her safe and sound.

Jack's continued pursuit of Emily was very high-profile during this period. The whole Jingshi City knew of his desire, because he bought thousands of red roses and sent it to the Lu Jewelry with his limousines. Besides, he even displayed an ad (that was produced meticulously by his teams) to express his love on the large LED screen of the city center. He did lots of romantic things, hoping to please the woman he desired most of all—Emily.

He could hardly wait to tell the whole world that Jacob was dead and he was going to regain his woman, which made them the central topic of conversation in Jingshi City.

"Mr. Jacob is Mr. Jack's uncle, and they loved the same woman. What an interesting thing! I heard that they used to fight for this woman eight years ago. But I'm afraid that Mr. Jacob will lose the game this time. He's still missing and no one knows whether he is alive or not."

"God knows! His body has not been found, and we can't make a hasty judgment. But I'm curious what kind of woman could fascinate them both so much? Is she perhaps a siren?"

"The manager of the Lu Jewelry, who is said to be the beloved daughter of the Lu clan from D Country, she looks the same as Emily. So Mr. Jacob and Mr. Jack both fell in love with her since their first sight of her."

"You talk such nonsense! We all know that Emily's twin sister was found and taken back to the Tao clan many years ago. She must look exactly like Emily. But in all the years that passed, Mr. Jacob and Mr. Jack haven't shown any interest in her. In my opinion, that manager of the Lu Jewelry must be Emily ..."

So many people were discussing their relationships, most guesses were wildly astray, while some of their guesses hit close to the truth.

Uncaring of what happened in the world outside, Emily sat in her office, thinking over what she could do next

m, making him completely wet. He stood bedraggled beside the car: his elaborate hairstyle was damaged, the wet expensive suit stuck to his body, and he resembled a drowned rat.

Although people around him were amused by his embarrassment, they refrained from laughing out loud. They were intimidated by his status and feared annoying him.

"Ah!" A female employee standing at the entrance of the Lu Jewelry burst out, screaming dramatically, attracting everyone's attention. Seeing her melodramatic act, they could not help but roll their eyes at her.

But she ignored their looks and rushed to Jack in her high-heeled shoes, with a worried expression on her face. "Mr. Jack, are you okay? You're soaked to the skin. I can't believe there's such an immoral person in this world. Who dared to treat you like this?"

Who? No one would dare to publicly embarrass him, except Emily!

But what could he do? He had no options but to forgive her.

Although Jack didn't even acknowledge her, the woman was not discouraged at all. She took out a white handkerchief from her pocket and lifted her hand to wipe the water on his face.

"Mr. Jack, do you need a place to change your clothes? You're all wet. I'm afraid you'll catch a cold, if you don't change into some dry clothes soon."

He shoved her hand away before she could touch him, casting a disgusted look at her, he said, "Who are you? Get away from me—you make me sick."

The woman's face suddenly turned pale and she heard the low mocking laughter coming from people near them. She bit her lip and stuck her neck further out to say, "Mr. Jack, I'm just concerned about you. I really can't bear to see that Miss Lu continues cheating on you. She has more boyfriends than you could possibly know. Why do you bother wasting time to pursue her?"

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