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   Chapter 428 Save Me

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"Jack, how dare you come to see me!" Emily spitted out her words with contempt, "I never wish to see you!"

However, Jack was stoic and didn't feel any anger at all and said casually, "It's okay. You will get used to it as you will see me often in the days to come."

"You are so..." Emily was so disgusted and furious that she could not find any words to say.

"Emily, please give me another chance." Jack begged her.

"I told you before and I will say it again, we are done!" Emily said with cold finality in her voice. Emily was so disgusted with him and continued," Even if there's no Jacob, it would still be the same."

"Jacob has long gone! He is dead! And you still don't want to be with me?" asked Jack in his hopeless rage. In his fury, Jack crumpled the rose in his hand and dropped it to the ground.

He hated Jacob and even he was dead, Emily still loved him so much!

"He didn't die, he will live for me! He must be somewhere and I will see him again!" Emily said her words clearly and with her confident eyes, she added," I have nothing to say to you. You may leave now."

How could Jack leave and forget her so easily?

"Didn't Jacob hurt you, imprisoned and tortured you? Yet, you still love him and even gave him a child. I tried everything to win you back. All I want is a chance. But you chose not to forgive me. How could you be so cruel to me?"

There was sadness in his voice. He stared closely to meet Emily's eyes hoping he could get an answer.

"How did you know that? You spied on us?" Emily was shocked to learn that Jack knew all these things. She straightened her back and asserted, "He was just ill, so I never blamed him for his actions."

Jack felt a pang of jealousy and sadness upon hearing this. He hoped to find Jacob's body soon and show it to Emily! His eyes darkened and he yelled, "There is no excuse for him to hurt you! Are you even aware of that? Jacob is a lunatic! He had serious mental illness!"

Emily was horrified as she listened to him and asked," How did you know that?"

"How could I not know? Five years ago..." Jack was about to tell her everything but suddenly stopped as if something grabbed his attention and said instead, "Forget it. Let's not talk about him."

He didn't want to talk about someone that was no longer alive, especially if it was Jacob.

But Emily wanted to know what happened five years ago, she pieced it together like a puzzle

o it's time for you to move on. Your love for Beryl will never change, but you need to give some space, for her and for yourself." continued the psychologist.

Emily closed her eyes and for a second, she thought she saw Jacob's handsome face staring back at her. "Thank you, doctor." said Emily with a genuine smile.

"It's my pleasure. If you feel anything wrong, do not hesitate to call me." assured the psychologist. She may have said it, but the sympathetic psychologist felt a little uneasy and worried. She knew about Jacob and it was all over the news.

She initially thought that Emily would get worse after what happened to Jacob but it was the other way around.

'What if Jacob was indeed dead…

Only God knows what Emily would do...' the psychologist could not avoid her negative thought.

Instead, she kept quiet and left.

Emily sat on the sofa and grabbed a book which contained many short stories about prenatal education. She recalled that the last time Jacob read this book for the baby in her womb, she was so angry at Jacob that she did not listen at all.

She slowly trailed her fingers on the book and Emily could not help but think of Jacob's handsome face and charming voice.

'He wanted to be a good father' Emily talked to herself.

"I'm sorry." She touched her belly thinking she once wanted to get rid of this baby. She lowered her head and talked to her unborn child, "I'm sorry, baby. Can you forgive mommy?

You must love your father more, don't you?

Don't worry. He will come back to us and witness your birth. I know he will.

Let's have some faith in him, okay?"

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