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   Chapter 427 I'll Prove You Wrong

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"But I must admit. I envy that assistant. You care about him more than you cared about me." The smile on Jack's face completely vanished and he said in a self-deprecating tone, "It makes me sad."

Emily stared at Jack for a few seconds. Her eyes were blank and there was no expression on her face. "You were not behind what happened to Jacob, were you?" she asked.

She was overwhelmed with fear and sadness when she went to the crime scene. The thought of Jacob dying almost took out Emily's desire to leave. Fortunately, the corpse turned out to be someone else.

Emily could still feel her heart beating fast. But it wasn't from the uncertainty she faced earlier, but of hope that Jacob was alive.

Though there was still no news about his whereabouts, no news was good news for Emily.

Deep in her heart, Emily could feel that Jacob had survived the car crash. She knew that he was somewhere and would eventually come back to her.

"Do you think I did that?" Jack's eyes dimmed, filled with disappointment. He continued, "But if I tell you that it wasn't me, would you believe it?"

"No." Emily shook her head firmly. She wouldn't be easily fooled by Jack's sweet smiles. She knew very well that Jack was a wolf in a sheep's clothing. "How can I believe you when I know you've done something like that before? You're the only one who would benefit out of Jacob's death. The Gu Consortium, that's what you want, right?"

Jack was silent for a few moments, staring back at Emily. Suddenly, he burst into a sinister laugh and said, "You make me proud. You're no longer the fooling girl I know before. Look at you, playing wise now."

"I've learned from my mistakes. And I'd be a fool if I trust you again," Emily replied.

"Well, that's all right. I have ample time to make it up to you and to change your mind about me," Jack said with conviction.

"You are a murderer! I'd rather die than be with you again!" Emily yelled. Her eyes were raging, and her face turned red out of anger.

"Emily, please. You must be out of your mind." Jack suddenly got up and approached Emily. He reached out a hand to pinch her chin, but Emily turned her cheek away. "You're right about the Gu Consortium. I wanted it badly and I would do anything and everything just to get it. But I will never hurt Jacob. Though I despise his very existence, I don't have any intention of killing him. He is still my uncle after all. And besides, there are a lot of people who want him dead. I don't have to lift a finger to get what I want."

Jack lied. He was really the mastermind behind the car crash incident, but he would never admit it t

od to hear then," Sam sighed with relief and didn't ask further.

Emily didn't bother to ask Sam where he had been to. By the look on Sam's exhausted face, she assumed that it wasn't a pleasant thing, just what Jack had told her. At the thought of Jack's name, Emily's head suddenly hurt. She thought that Jack might go the extra mile the next time he visited.

The following day, Emily's foresight became a reality when she saw Jack walking into her room with a bouquet of roses in his hands.

He handed the bouquet to Emily as if nothing happened the previous day. "I hope you like them. They are fresh," he said.

Emily didn't take the flower. Instead, she closed her eyes so she wouldn't see him. She ordered, "Get out of my room, now!"

Jack pretended not to hear anything. He was raised to endure hardships in order to accomplish anything. But he didn't do anything when Jacob took Emily from him and that drove him mad. His jealousy grew stronger to the point where he could go crazy.

But now that he had the power, he wouldn't back down that easily. He wouldn't leave this room even if Emily demanded to. He wouldn't give up easily now. Now that Jacob was out of the picture, it was his turn to win her back and he wouldn't let this opportunity pass. He would get Emily by force if he had to.

Jack somehow regretted that Jacob wasn't there to witness everything. He could not survive from that car crash. Besides, Jack's men raked the river with machine guns. So, even if Jacob survived the crash, it was impossible for him to dodge the bullets. Maybe his body was taken by the current somewhere else.

'If Jacob could see us now, he would be heartbroken to see Emily and me together again. What a pity!' Jack thought to himself.

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