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   Chapter 426 Please Don’t Let It Be Jacob

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With her eyes staring ahead, Emily's feet felt like a heavy rock. She tried to take a step, but every step became heavier. Everything around her was moving slowly, and she could only hear muffled sounds.

The police were there evacuating the crowd. She approached the corpse covered in white cloth. She bent down, legs trembling, and hands shaking.

Her eyes started to fill with tears and her breathing becoming heavier. Her heart ached as if it was being strangled by a strong force. She reached out her hand to pull down the cloth.

'Please don't let it be Jacob. Please, God.' She cried in her heart repeatedly.

As she was about to reach the tip of the cloth, she suddenly stopped. She lost all the courage to look at the body. She wanted to believe it wasn't Jacob, but what if it was? How could she be able to unsee what she had already seen?

The scene was too cruel. Emily was crying. Sam could not help but approach her and whispered, "Mrs. Gu, please go and have some rest. Let me do this for you. It certainly cannot be Mr. Jacob."

But Emily ignored Sam. She took a deep breath and uncovered the body.

Swoosh! The white cloth was thrown aside, and the body was finally revealed.

The face of the body could hardly be identified, and the body was bloated. Being in the water for many hours, the strong current could have caused the body to deteriorate faster. The body was already a mix of blue and black spots like a loaf of bread with molds. And the smell would turn anyone's stomach upside down.

Most of the people who saw the unveiled body threw up. Some of them could not take it and left the scene immediately.

But Emily stood her ground. Ignoring the foul smell and the disgusting look, she moved closer to the corpse to examine it.

"Mrs. Gu..." Sam resisted the urge to throw up and tried to take her away.

But Emily went on and peeled the clothes off the corpse. All the onlookers were shocked and started whispering to each other.

"What is she doing? It's disgusting."

"She must be insane! She should have thrown up and felt scared just by looking at it."

One of the women in the crowd covered her nose and said, "Is that her husband? How come she was caring so much?"

Upon hearing these words, Emily had had enough of these nonsense talks. She raised her head and shouted at the woman,

in fear.

"Jack? What are you doing here?" she stuttered.

"I heard you were taken to the hospital. So, I came to visit you. How are you feeling?" Jack said and smiled. For the past two days, Jack felt ecstatic with Jacob gone.

'But I can't celebrate yet. They haven't found his body, ' he thought to himself. Today, he heard that a body was found so he went there to confirm if it was Jacob's. But to his dismay, it was somebody else's.

Unexpectedly, Emily also arrived at the scene. Good thing he was not seen by Emily or Sam. There was when he saw Emily fainted.

At the thought of that, Jack's eyes were filled with shadow.

'Sure enough. Emily cared so much about Jacob to even go there and see for herself.

But none of it matters now. Jacob won't last very long. I would never let Jacob see another day, ' he thought.

Emily caught Jack's malicious smile. Her senses were heightened. She asked, "Where's Sam?"

Jack looked at her with a smile on his face and said, "Oh, maybe he went out to play?"

Emily frowned and asked again in a suspicious tone, "Jack, what did you do to him?"

She knew Sam very well. He would not leave Emily's side no matter what especially in times like these. She did not believe any word that Jack said and was suspecting that something bad happened to Sam. And she was afraid that Jack had something to do with it.

As if reading Emily's mind, Jack's smile faded. He looked at Emily seriously and said, "Don't worry. I have done nothing to him. But do you think that a little assistant can stop me?"

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