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   Chapter 425 Jacob's Corpse

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"Mrs. Gu, Mr. Jacob is caught up in the middle of a business matter now. You'd better..."

Her cold stare intimidated Sam. He did not dare to lie before Emily.

"Something happened to him, isn't it?" Emily asked. She seemed serene at the moment.

The calmer she looked, the more Sam had a cause to worry. He only saw it as the ominous calm before an imminent storm. He wiped a few drops of cold sweat from his forehead, and stammered, "No-nope."

"Don't lie to me, Sam. Do you dare to swear on God?"

Sam remained silent. His confidence had been sent flowing down the drain by her intimidating nature.

Emily got upset seeing Sam's response. She realized that the situation may have gotten much worse than anticipated. She struggled to keep her calm and confident composure. She said, "Since you addressed me as Mrs. Gu, it means that I am Jacob's wife. So I have the right to know what happened to him. I am bound to know the fact sooner or later, regardless of whether you choose to tell me or not. Why don't you just tell me now and get it over with?"

Sam was still in a dilemma. The difficulty of the situation he was handling manifested in his eyes.

Emily had prepared for the worst in mind, and she continued, "Mr. Sam, I hope you can respect my right to know the facts as Jacob's wife."

Sam took a deep breath. He had been pushed way too far by Emily. She was not a woman who had any intention to give up any time soon. He knew that he could merely hide the facts from her temporarily, and as she herself said, she was bound to know them sooner or later. Rather than she being coerced to believe the rumors being spread by sources with sinister intentions, it was better that she heard it from him.

"What happened to Mr. Jacob wasn't anything good. Mrs. Gu, please calm down and try to gulp down the facts as I spill it out."

"Spill it. No matter what you say, I will take it. But I need to know."

"Mr. Jacob ended up having a car crash on the river-crossing bridge at noon yesterday. His car fell into the river and his whereabouts is still unknown." Perhaps the excessive mental pressure had begun taking a toll on him, and his voice began to tremble.

Emily, still trying to keep her hopes high, kept calm. No significant changes in her facial expressions were noticed by anyone. "That explains so much. If I hadn't called him to come home for lunch yesterday, there would be no accident. He would be safe now, wouldn't he?" Her words seemed to pour out the guilt inside her.

Sam felt confused by Emily's words, and he explained at once. "Mr. Jacob's car had been damaged by someone else earlier, wh

ing all that was happening around him. He stepped on the brake hard. He wished he hadn't done it as soon as he witnessed Mrs. Gu rolling out of the car.

"Mrs. Gu!" Sam was horrified by the scene. He had never anticipated this sort of thing would happen.

The doctor and bodyguards, escorting them, rushed out of the car at once. They hastily moved towards Emily to check her injuries.

The duty doctor examined her and reported immediately that it seemed as if Mrs. Gu had been trained earlier to avoid excessive injuries. There were only a few bruises on her arms and legs. Everything else appeared fine.

Sam sighed in relief. The soft-spoken Sam seemed deeply concerned as he yelled, "Mrs. Gu! How can you jump out the car like that? Have you lost your mind? Do you have any idea how dangerous it was..."

Before he could continue yelling, Mrs. Gu slapped him right across his face.

"And you? What were you trying to do?" Emily couldn't control her emotions any longer. Emily sobbed, as she yelled, "Go away! All of you go away now! I'm going to verify if it's actually him or not."

The issue had clearly gone out of hand. She couldn't figure out any other way.

When she received the news regarding Jacob's uncertain health condition, she bravely put up with it, trying her level best to not depict a moment of weakness. But they said his corpse might have been found by now. How could she still stay calm? She just couldn't.

Emily limped forward. The others were following her in case of any emergency that may arise.

After a long and arduous trudge, Emily finally arrived at the bridge. She couldn't feel her legs anymore. She saw the police and the crowd by the river. And among them, there was a corpse covered in white cloth.

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