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   Chapter 424 Dead Or Alive!

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 7048

Updated: 2019-04-29 00:05

Jack couldn't contain the ecstasy he felt from the bottom of his heart. The man that dominated him all this time was finally dead, which gave him a sense of unreality more or less.

He took out his mobile phone and called one of his men, "Search the whole river. Bring him to me, dead or alive. "

"Yes, sir."

Jack drove off with his black car before the police arrived.

While at the same time in Tyrone Mansion, Emily was still waiting at the table for hours and the steaming dishes had turned cold. Jacob hadn't come home yet.

Her patience was slowly fading away.

Was he fooling her?

Or was there something wrong?

Emily took out the phone from her purse and dialed Jacob's number but all she heard was a recording, "Sorry the number you dialed is out of service, please try your call later..."

Her heart skipped a beat. A bad feeling swept over her and she started to become anxious.

Emily called Sam, but he didn't answer. She was getting more anxious. What was happening? Why couldn't she reach any of them?

She couldn't wait any longer, and decided that she would go out to look for them in the Gu Consortium. As she was about to leave, she was stopped by the bodyguards outside the door.

"Sorry, madame. We were ordered to protect you."

That was indeed true. The situation outside was uncertain. Emily can be vulnerable and that was one of the reasons why Jacob kept her safe at home.

There is no place safer than his own.

But tonight is an exception. How could Jacob, that bastard locked her indoors as he dealt with his adversaries! Had he totally forgotten her tender heart of yesterday? She should have ignored him!

"Get out of my way! I'm going to find him! I couldn't reach him and I want to make sure he is safe and sound, wherever the hell he was!"

"Sorry, madame...." The bodyguards refused to move for fear of Jacob. No one had the courage to disobeyed him.

"You bastard! "Emily cursed Jacob. She went to kitchen and returned to the living room with a knife held against her neck. "Let me out, "she threatened them.

The bodyguards were tensed

the words, "Something happened to Mr. Gu. But I assured you that he can manage well, and he was fine. You can't trust all the news…"

Emily replied with her deep voice, "You are telling a lie. "

"Mrs. Gu, I..."

"Come over here, now. "

Emily clenched the phone. Her instinct told her that Sam was keeping something from her. But now, what she needed was him coming over and getting rid of the bodyguards that were watching her every move.

She didn't want to be knocked out again by Jacob's bodyguards.

Exactly at twenty minutes, Sam arrived at the Tyrone Mansion.

The moment he stepped in, he felt uneasy and nervous of Emily's probing, "Mrs. Gu."

Emily narrowed her eyes a little as she looked at his strained expression and commanded, "Dismiss these bodyguards. "

"Mrs. Gu, these bodyguards are all here to keep you safe. Please be wise. It is dangerous outside..."

"It is dangerous outside?" "It is dangerous outside? " Emily repeated and laughed bitterly, "Do you think I can't take care of myself? "

"Mrs. Gu..."

"Shut up! I'm not finished yet! " Emily forcefully banged the table and with her stern look, she yelled in anger, "I need to speak to Jacob! "

Sam was stunned for a while. He obeyed Jacob for so many years but he had never seen Emily's temper before. And when he looked at her, he seemed to see the shadow of his boss, who was awesome and commanding.

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