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   Chapter 423 Can You Make It Home

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"You!" Emily couldn't believe what she just heard. She argued with her face flushing, "Stop talking dirty to me!"

'You are fucking unbelievable, Jacob! How can a call makes you so horny?' Emily thought to herself.

"Only you can make me this hard," Jacob teased. With his deep lustrous voice, he continued, "I really miss you, honey."

Emily's face became red and hot. A part of her wanted to hang up the phone, but the other didn't want to. She felt a strong urge to continue talking to Jacob over the phone.

Sleep had not yet visited Emily. It was such a lonely night and she wanted to feel a warm hug.

… "Jacob, when can you finish your work?"

Jacob softened his voice and answered with great pleasure, "I'll come home as soon as I can. I know you can't wait to see me."

Emily chuckled, "Who says I want to see you?"

"Sure. But as for me, I can't wait to see you! I can't wait to be with you," Jacob replied. He knew that Emily missed him too but just didn't want to admit it verbally, so he just played her game. He then said, "I really need you. I want you all over me."

At that moment, Emily's heart skipped a beat. She paused for a few seconds and said, "Well, you better come home as soon as you can. I need to talk to you."

"I will. I promise," Jacob replied.

"Fine," Emily said, trying to hide her excitement.

She was about to end the call when Jacob said, "Wait!"


Jacob gently said, "Didn't you say that you can't sleep? Do you need my help?"

Emily was embarrassed and answered, "Thanks, but no. I'm not a toddler. I think I can sleep on my own."

"Come on, honey!" Jacob continued, his voice was soft and tender, "You want me to tell you a story? I can sing you a lullaby if you want. Or is there anything you want me to do?"

Emily considered the offer and said, "How about you sing me a lullaby?"

She hadn't heard Jacob sing before and maybe this was a good chance to do that.

"All right, as you wish." Jacob cleared her throat and sang, "Hush my baby, stars sparkling at your night..."

He sang a foreign lullaby. His deep voice were magnificent. It had a pleasant sound in it which relaxed Emily's restless mind.

Emily was looking at the window while listening to Jacob singing. Like in the lyrics, the sky was full of bright stars. It was beautiful and poetic.

"Starry, starry night, decorate your dream by this lullaby..."

Jacob gently humming

hing him from the opposite lane. It was moving fast towards him and Jacob sensed that it was specifically targeting him

But who wanted Jacob dead? He could only think of Jack. The dirty trick gave Jack away since it was only him could play such a disgraceful act.

But Jacob fell to Jack's trap this time no matter how careful the first was.

The lorry was approaching Jacob in an unimaginable speed.

There was no time for Jacob to escape. When the lorry was about to hit his car, he turned the steering wheel and the car crashed into the fence of the bridge.

The impact was so strong that the fence broke and the car fell into the river. The windshield of the car was smashed, and the shattered glass hit Jacob.

He was not ready to die. He couldn't and he wouldn't. He held onto the steering wheel as tight as he could.

He had a lot of things he wanted to do in his life. He wanted to see his second child. He wanted to remarry Emily and start over again. He wanted to see Beryl grow up. These things were all in Jacob's mind as he was praying for his life.

Before he lost his consciousness, Jacob could only think of how mad Emily would be because he didn't make it for breakfast. And the car finally crashed into the water.

A car drove by the scene as soon as Jacob's car fell off the bridge.

Jack alighted from the car and walked to the broken fences. He looked over and saw no trace of Jacob's car. It must have already sunk. At the sight of it, a vicious smile cross Jack's face.

'Alas! Your day has finally come, Jacob! I hope you enjoyed my treat for you!' Jacob thought to himself.

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