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   Chapter 422 Perfect For Each Other

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Dark clouds loomed over the horizon as Jacob walked out from the hospital on that humid afternoon. The weather seemed to matched his gloomy mood today. He got the result, and it was worse than he expected.

He was lost in thoughts. He was worried about what his psychiatrist had told him earlier.

"Mr.Gu, your condition is getting worse every day. You badly need to pay attention to your health before it's too late… you can still do something about it…" The psychiatrist said to him in empathy.

Even Jacob couldn't understand his own behaviour these days. So he handed the pills he had been taking recently in hopes for further instruction on how to take them effectively. But to his surprise, his psychiatrist quickly found out that these were the wrong kind of medicine.

Those pills were not intended to treat Jacob's health problem, but rather, something that would worsen his condition. Moreover, he was at risk for severe side effects if he would't refrain from taking it immediately.

The psychiatrist was a good friend of Jacob and he knew that Jacob didn't trust other people so easily. So he always made sure that his personal information was kept secured. But it never occurred to him that his prescription could be maliciously altered.

"These pills have been tampered with. It's not my prescription."

The psychiatrist looked at Jacob and shook his head in disbelief. Jacob's forehead creased with worry, his eyes red and suspicious. "I will find out who did this. I think I knew someone…" The psychiatrist continued, nervously flipping through a pile of documents.

"No need to bother." Jacob cut in and stopped him from what he was doing. "I already had the answer."

Dark clouds continued to hover above the city. They loomed in the sky with a promise of heavy rain, hiding the sun away.

Jacob stared into the distance, and when he looked up, he saw clouds rolling over the mountain and suddenly his face formed a sarcastic grin.

He hadn't been himself quite lately. He felt someone was controlling him and he was struggling to get away from whatever it was but failed, until the night when Emily hit him with a lamp.

She hit him so hard on his forehead that the blood gushed from it.

At that very moment, he woke up and realized what he was doing. He was hurting the woman he loved to whom he promised that he would never hurt her.

Jacob was well aware of what Emily was doing with her psychiatrist behind his back but he let her be. After all, Emily was always right. She could always sense if something was wrong with him. All this time, he thought it was just bec

at are you up to? Why don't you answer the phone?'

Emily was about to hang up when she heard Jacob's soothing voice from the other end, "Darling?"

"God finally, Jacob." Emily almost lost her breath.

"Yes?" Jacob couldn't help but smile, "It's the first time that you call me, Emily. Do you miss me?"

"No, I didn't. I just dialed the wrong number. " Emily rolled her eyes and pretended she didn't care, but she was relieved that Jacob was fine.

"What a coincidence, "Jacob laughed, "I was just thinking about you, and then you called. Aren't we perfect for each other? We are meant to be together, Emily."

"I don't know what you are talking about."

"Emily, I am serious." Jacob replied, changing his tone.

'She knew it, ' Jacob could sense that Emily knew his condition because she treated her differently, in a good way.

'I thought I could keep her out from this mess, but I was wrong with that. Maybe it is better to let her know about my condition.'

Jacob really wanted to touch her, but he knew he couldn't. There were lot of things that needed to be solved tonight.

"Why are you still awake, babe?" Jacob asked as he held his phone with one hand and typed complicated codes with the other hand on his computer.

Though his attention was divided, his voice was soft and sweet, which made Emily flushed and warm inside and she missed him even more.

"I just can't fall asleep." Emily sighed to hide her emotion. How she missed him so much.

"Emily…" Jacob suddenly cleared his throat.


Jacob was talking in a deep, low voice, "He can't sleep either. He is very frisky now. What do you think should I do?"

"What are you talking about, Jacob?"

"My little Jacob. He misses you so much."

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