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   Chapter 421 He Is Not Getting Any Better

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Looking at Emily's confused face, Horry sighed, "It seemed to me that you haven't realized the problem yet. But I can assure you that we have the best intention for Ms. Beryl's well-being. I know it's hard for you to decide, so why don't we ask her opinion instead?"

Emily turned her gaze to Beryl, eyes widened in worry that Beryl would agree to this.

Beryl looked back at her mother. She was reluctant to say anything after knowing what her mother thought about the idea. But then, she took a deep breath and finally said firmly, "Mommy, I need to go."

"Beryl..." Emily cried. She couldn't believe her daughter's decision.

Beryl's eyes started to fill with tears, but she tried to fight them. "I want to be cured, Mommy. I want to be normal again so that I can stay with you without hurting you."

Emily's heart sank. She held her daughter's hands and pleaded, "No, you've never hurt Mommy. Beryl, how can you live there without Mommy?"

But the truth was, it was Emily who couldn't live without Beryl. Horry realized that and pointed that out to Emily, "Mrs. Gu, I'm sorry for saying this. But as a mother, you should not lean on your daughter for strength. You should let her live her own life."

But Emily didn't say a word. She just stared at Beryl for a long moment and no one knew what she had in mind. Then she finally said, "Is this really what you want, Beryl?"

Beryl nodded and said, "Yes, Mommy."

Emily sighed and smiled, but sadness could be traced in her face. As she held her daughter's hand, she said, "Okay. Mommy won't stop you. But keep in mind that I will always be here waiting for you, okay?"

Beryl nodded heavily, "I will, Mommy."

Emily walked with Beryl to the way to the treatment room. Jacob didn't stop her and just walked right behind her. Finally, they have reached the room and it was time for final farewell, Emily could not help but cry.

They bid goodbye to each other and Beryl finally went inside. Emily kept crying.

They have only been together again for a few days, and now they needed to be separated again. As a mother, Emily's heart was broken to see her child go.

There was no certainty as to when she can see Beryl again.

"I'll take you to visit her if you're good." Jacob was meant to comfort her, but as soon as he opened his mouth, this was all he could say.

Emily wiped the tears from her face and looked Jacob into the eye

echoed in Emily's ears. She began to think if there was a problem with her, 'Maybe the doctor was right. I loved Beryl too much.'

She had never thought of hurting Beryl, but she wanted to make sure that she could avoid any possibility. That was why she agreed to be treated by a professional psychologist.

Though they had a deal, the psychologist was still surprised to see Emily cooperating well. She thought that it would be a great effort but turned out to be an easy one.

It was a good start for the therapy.

After a few days, the psychologist met with Emily again for their next session and she told the latter about what she found out.

"You'd be surprised with what I found. Mr. Gu's mental issue is quite complicated. He is suffering from paranoia. This could lead to some personality changes and difficulty in controlling himself," the psychologist said.

"Paranoia?" Emily's face turned serious. She knew paranoia was a symptom of psychosis and could lead to other mental conditions.

This finally explained Jacob's strange behavior on some occasions. 'But why did he become like this?' Emily thought.

"Is there a way to cure it?" Emily looked worried.

The psychologist nodded and said, "Yes, there is. He must undergo a series of therapies and take prescribed medications. But it will strongly depend on the patient's willingness to cooperate. As far as I know, Mr. Gu knows about his condition and is currently taking medications. But somehow, I think his symptoms are not getting any better.

After hearing everything, Emily just closed her eyes and said, "I see."

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