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   Chapter 418 Golden Cage

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"It's true." Magee finally cooled down, but he appeared grim. "If I let you die so easily, it will be mercy. I want to have you suffer because you deserve no mercy. You cannot die so easily!"

"You! Poof!" Mr. Gu was so furious that it seemed as if he spit out a mouthful of blood.

Magee laughed. Jacob hadn't lied. Mr. Gu was now like an arrow at the end of its flight. If he stayed longer, it was hard to say whether Mr. Gu would die of his rage alone.

But if he were to die of anger alone, how would it be interesting?

"Get out of here!" Mr. Gu roared. His rage exploded. His facial expressions would even scare a ghost at this moment.

Magee laughed, pitifully. He whispered softly, "Don't get disheartened so soon. This is not over. Wait for your retribution."

Whispering those infuriating words, he walked out of the door.

In a quick motion, Mr. Gu threw a cup aimed at Jacob, who was standing beside his bed. Jacob dodged it by moving sideways and saving himself from getting hurt. The cup missed its target and descended on to the ground, instantly breaking apart to uncountable number of tiny bits.

Jacob's face seemed frozen out of fright. The air around him seemed hostile and tense with imminent violence. He acted like a cruel dictator, terrifying everyone around him.

Mr. Gu felt humiliated like never before. His dignity had been stripped off him with no mercy.

Before he could realize, he had unknowingly exchanged his position with Jacob. Once upon a time, he demeaned him. But now, Jacob had grown up and was able to compete with him.

Mr. Gu felt extremely regretful. He lamented not having gotten rid of Jacob a long time ago realizing that he was indeed a threat. He hadn't anticipated that he'd one day rise enabling him to stand toe-to-toe against him.

Jacob looked at Mr. Gu as if he were an absolutely insignificant person before him.

With unimaginable amount of rage inside him, Mr.Gu shot a final glance at Jacob while he stepped out of the ward. His turbid eyes were livid with anger. "Get out!", he yelled.

A minute later, Jack walked in gleefully. As soon as he stepped in, he was greeted by an angry curse from Mr. Gu, "Where were you just now? How could you let Jacob in?"

"Mr. Gu, please control your temper. It's bad for your health." Jack's attitude seemed somewhat disapproving. Now that he had achieved his aim, he didn't have to respect Mr. Gu. H

med as if they were maintaining a divine hour of absolute silence.

Of course, this was a consequence of Jacob's orders. He disallowed other people from talking to Emily. If things went on like this, he would soon be the only person who was authorized to communicate with her, and she would gradually become dependent on him for anything and everything.

He wanted an absolute possession of her, from heart to soul.

The maid withdrew carefully. Emily didn't bother to touch the delicious food on the table. Instead, she was lost in her own world of deep thoughts.

It was rare and unusual for Jacob to not return by night fall. If tonight he really didn't plan to return, it would be a golden opportunity for her to plot her escape.

Emily was eager to escape from his clutches. She eventually mustered enough courage to act.

Even when the clock chimed midnight, there was no sign of Jacob.

In her room, Emily had already turned off the lamp. She tore the sheets into stripes in the darkness, and tied them together firmly. The sheets turned into a thick rope, and she tied them to the windowsill.

The window was right in front of the garden. Although there were bodyguards patrolling from time to time, it was the most unguarded spot where the security of the villa seldom watched over.

The giant beam of spotlight swept over the garden every now and then. Emily waited patiently by the window. After the first round of inspection by the guards were over, she slowly rose, grabbed the rope, climbed outside of the window, and moved down inch by inch. She was finally regaining her freedom.

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