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   Chapter 416 We'll Both Enjoy This

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 7319

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"No! That's impossible!" Emily was dumbfounded and just couldn't believe what Jacob did. She looked at him for a few moments, trying to discern his real intentions. When she finally understood, "You're really determined to keep me from seeing Beryl, aren't you?"

Jacob nodded slowly, his eyes closed for the duration. "Yes."

"But why? I am her mother and you sent her away without so much as a notice, let alone a proper discussion with me!"

"Speak for yourself." Jacob, poker-faced, looked straight at her with a stern gaze and calmly continued, "I seem to recall that you decided not to consult me when you went to the clinic to get the baby aborted, the baby which I am the father of. Seems to me that we just did the same thing, right?"

Emily was speechless, "…."

"This is my way of punishing you."

A punishment? He knew exactly how much she cared about and loved Beryl, so he did this exactly to spite her?

"Just, rest easy tonight. I'll be back early." Jacob pecked Emily's forehead, clearly trying to clear the air of what just happened.

Emily studied his handsome face and found it an unreadable mask. As if there was a thick mist that clouded his mind.

What the hell was he planning?

An answer quickly started to form on her mind.

Everytime Jacob leaves, Emily becomes a prisoner in the grand villa—a gilded cage. She's even prohibited from stepping on the garden just outside the place.

Jacob was making a treasure of her, a hidden treasure locked in a vault.

In someway, Emily realized her assumptions were correct.

From that point onwards, Jacob came home early and took some time to spend with Emily. He was unfazed and even looked satisfied even when Emily outright ignored him.

He just wanted to hide Emily in his gilded cage forever.

So she wouldn't dare leave.

Jacob, for the first time, felt peace and security wash over him. A great void in his heart was gradually being filled.

Turned out, Emily was his greatest, deepest desire.

Predictably, Emily refused to be some sort of canary for Jacob and tried to contact the outside world, but Jacob cut off all means of communication. All things considered, people outside we

re saying you won't?...." Jacob's eyes darkened and he slowly approached Emily to the point that Emily could feel his hot breath on her face. "I can certainly be more… active."

Emily's lips were suddenly occupied by the man before she could even say anything, all the words she was about to say were being sucked in into his void, "hmmmm…"

She resisted and flailed at his chest, trying to push him away.

But her hits were soft and felt gentle, it only served to fuel the desire burning deep within him.

Jacob didn't pull away until Emily was almost suffocating. She opened her mouth, gasping for breath, her pale face flushed like a peach. This only served as an invitation to Jacob.

Jacob said in his magnetic voice, "I know you'll never offer to give me what I want, so I'll just ask for it from you, and I want everything about you, You, your care and your love….

I want everything. I will love you until the day of my death."

Trapping her like this worked so much better than his previous tenderness and compromises, at least Emily was here.

Jacob forcefully kissed her again and trapped her on the bed with ease, like a predator holding down his prey.

Emily tried to resist, but she was totally held down by Jacob, who seemed to have torn off his mask of gentleness and has shown his true colors, his claws all over her.

He wasn't Jacob… Or is this the true Jacob all this time?

Emily drifted away in her chaotic thoughts.

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