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   Chapter 414 I Regretted It!

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"You..." Emily became angry that she turned and walked away.

Jacob had been monitoring her closely. She had been watched with every move she made and she felt like a prisoner in this apartment.

She went back to her room irritated. "Mommy, did you have a fight with daddy because of me?" Beryl asked her softly.

Emily was shocked by her daughter's question, "No! Not at all." She shook her head as she tried to hide her troubles away from her. "It wasn't about you baby, so stop thinking about that."

"Okay." Beryl lowered her head down and asked again, "But mommy… When will I have a sister or a brother?"

Emily was speechless as her heart sunk to learn Beryl's anticipation for the baby. 'When?'

She didn't know either since she was planning on something else.

While Jacob was at home for the whole week, she had been thinking about her plans. She did not want to have this baby.

It was impossible for Jacob to stayed at home and looked after Beryl and Emily all the time. What's more, Emily was not a kind of woman that can be bound down. But he still hoped in his heart that he could change her mind, so he spent ample time to persuade her. There were days that he almost won her over and this pleased him a little.

There were some problems with his company again that he had to leave home to deal with it. But before he left, he arranged for someone he trusted to looked after them discreetly.

Jacob and Sam were inside the CEO's office and though the room was comfortable and clean, it can be told that the harsh atmosphere was overwhelming. Dark clouds were gathering in the sky, heavy and foreboding and all hell would break loose.

Jacob's face was full of wrath and as dark as the fearful sky. "Damn! These old bastards! Who did they think they were?! Trying to bring me down huh! They will see, they are asking for trouble!"

Sam stood next to Jacob in silence.

He clearly understood why Jacob was so furious. These shareholders had let out company's confidential information and they were the very ones trusted by his parents. But they betrayed the company for their personal interests.

Jacob wasn't planning to go on easy with these traitors. He had made up his mind, "Get all top managers, there is going to be a meet

her cheeks as she closed her eyes feebly. Before she lost her consciousness, she heard a shuffle.

A doctor commanded, "Stop the surgery! Stop it right now!"

Even though she was exhausted, Emily was overjoyed. 'Thank God! The surgery was stopped, I won't lose my baby…'

She was then succumb to the effects of anesthetic. She gently closed her eyes as she laid unconscious on the operating table oblivious to the commotion around her.

Inside the operating room, all the medical staffs stood still with their eyes fastened on the man standing at the door.

He was disheveled from head to toe. His properly coiffed hair was gone, but his perfectly sculpted face still the same. He walked slowly into the room with raging eyes. Everyone could feel he was about to prowl like a savage beast.

He was enraged!

"Where in world did you get the guts to do the surgery for my woman?"

As he stepped hard on the floor, the heels on his expensive leather shoes made a sound loud enough to caused fear.

The surgeon trembled with fear and with apprehension, "I am so sorry Mr. Jacob, we did not recognize she was your lover… But please do not worry, I assured you that the surgery has not started yet!"

"Well you almost started it!" Jacob walked closer to the operation table, he looked down at Emily who laid pale and unconscious. He gently put his hand on her belly and his face contorted with rage.

'It was close!

They almost killed my baby!

Oh, Emily! How could you be so heartless?!'

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