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   Chapter 407 Will You Still Love Me, Mommy

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While waiting outside, Jacob suddenly heard something loud as if something big fell on the floor. He didn't think twice and kicked the door open.

Jacob was welcomed by the sight of an unconscious Emily lying on the floor. He rushed towards her and bent over to pick her up. He didn't know what happened, but his mind was focused on getting Emily the medical help. Jacob immediately rushed his wife to the nearest hospital.

In the hospital, Emily was immediately attended to by the doctors and nurses.

She was put on a bed and was given intravenous drip. Jacob couldn't help but stand aside as the doctors attended to his wife. He was walking back and forth, worried and tensed. He couldn't keep calm knowing that his wife was unconscious.

When the doctor approached Jacob, he immediately asked, "Doctor, how's my wife?"

"She will be fine," the doctor assured Jacob. He adjusted his glasses and gave Jacob a pleasant smile. Then he continued, "I have to congratulate you. Your wife is pregnant."

Jacob froze and he didn't know whether what he heard was right. He confirmed, "What did you say? You must be mistaken."

"No, we're 100% sure. She's a month through her pregnancy," the doctor gave Jacob the details. The doctor continued, "But I have to warn you. She is going through a quite sensitive pregnancy. We assessed that she'd be under great pressure mentally and physically which caused her to pass out. With this, we will require her to bed rest until her next check-up."

"I see. Thank you very much! That's good news!" Jacob said.

The doctor then left. Jacob was still in shock after hearing the news. He could not believe that Emily was pregnant again. 'She is carrying my baby. And if what the doctor said was true that she's already one month pregnant, then that means that night was…' Jacob thought to himself.

His heart was overflowing with joy. He was feeling ecstatic as if he had won the biggest prize in the world. This drove him excited and thrilled.

When he was finally allowed to be in Emily's hospital room, he just sat at her bedside and held her cold hand to warm her. As soon as Emily gained consciousness, Jacob brokered to her the good news, "You want to hear what the doctor told me? You're pregnant! We'll have another baby soon."

It never occurred to him that they will have another child after Beryl since they got back together again.

"I'm pregnant?" Emily was still wobbly from the medications given to her. She wasn't sure if she heard it right. "What do you mean I'm pregnant?"

Jacob kissed her with excitement and answered, "You're carrying our second baby. Do you know what that means? I'll become a father again!"

Jacob always regretted being absent during Beryl's childhood. But now that he's going to be a father again, he vowed to never miss any of it and be there to watch the baby grow up. He would do his best to be the greatest father

e right from wrong. "That's good to know. Mommy will never be mad at you. Of course, I forgive you. You are always Mommy's dear daughter," Emily said as she hugged Beryl.

Jacob stroked Beryl's head and said, "My good girl."

Although he was happy to hear Beryl confessed, deep down, there was a doubt in Jacob's gut feel as to whether Beryl did realize her fault. After all, her apology came too soon based on Jacob's assessment. Just like yesterday, they thought that Beryl had a good start, but turned out that she had a malicious plan behind her kind behavior.

But Jacob thought that it wasn't the right time to tell those things to Emily, not when his wife was happy to see her daughter and finally hearing the words she needed to hear. He just hoped that Beryl's apology was sincere.

Beryl behaved unusually better that she used to do. She glanced around the room and saw the medical staffs outside the room. With a concerned look on her face, she asked, "Mommy, are you sick?"

"No, Mommy is not sick. I'm pregnant and you will be a big sister soon," Emily happily shared the news to Beryl. She unconsciously touched her belly. Until now, she couldn't believe that she was expecting and couldn't feel the baby inside her yet.

Beryl's eyes widened in disbelief and put her little hand on her mother's tummy. She then asked, "The baby is in here? But will you still love me even after the baby comes to our home?"

"Of course! Mommy will still love you. You're my first baby and nothing will change," Emily assured Beryl as she gently held her daughter's hands.

"Promise?" Beryl stared at her mother's still flat tummy and a spiteful look flashed in her eyes. Jacob caught that expression in an instant.

Jacob became suspicious and couldn't keep the thought to himself. He didn't take away his eyes from Beryl.

'Beryl, what are you thinking?' he thought to himself, trying to figure out what Beryl was planning.

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