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   Chapter 406 She Doesn't Want To Die Yet

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 7613

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Beryl had become so cruel and cold, that Emily wondered how a little girl could become so ruthless. Or was there a devil living in Beryl's body?

Jacob held Emily and comforted her, "Beryl will be okay, and she'll become our little girl again..."

Seeing the couple's distress, Ken, whose daughter had been hurt by Beryl, didn't know how Jacob would resolve the matter. He certainly didn't know how to show compassion for his 'beloved' daughter in front of them.

Clearing his throat Ken said, "Mr. Gu, Mrs. Gu, children are naughty. It is quite common for them to sustain injuries when playing together, and this is hardly serious. Please don't scold your daughter too much, after all, she is just a child."

Hoping to have appeased them, he waved to Belle and said, "Come here, Belle, will you forgive Beryl for hurting you? It was an accident after all. I know Beryl is your best friend and you are ready to forgive her."

With her eyes red, Belle tried hard not to cry and went to her father, but she didn't even dare to look at Beryl and said, "It's okay, Beryl."

Meanwhile, Beryl stared at her coldly and asked, "Why don't you dare to look at me? Are you afraid of me?"

"No... I am not afraid of you." The little girl quickly denied, "Beryl, I like playing with you, and being friends with you."

"Mommy, do you hear that? She says she enjoys playing with me." Seeming rather pleased with herself she continued, "Why don't we let Belle live with us, and then we can play together every day. Don't worry, I will be good to her."

Hearing what Beryl said, Belle paled and stammered, "I-I d-don't want to... Ouch, it hurts."

Before her words were finished, Ken pinched her hard to head off her refusal and said, "Belle, you see how much Beryl likes you, and if you live with her, you can play together every day..."

Her eyes filled with panic and horror, Beryl had wanted to cut her finger when she played with her for the first time, and she would surely die if she had to play with Beryl every day...

She didn't want to die yet, and she was really scared...

"It's better if Belle didn't live with us." Emily quickly rejected the proposal and restored calm, but she was heartbroken and apologized, "Mr. Li, I am sorry, and we will give you compensa

ou," Emily insisted.

"I don't want you here! I don't need anyone!" The little girl stormed. As a mother, she tried to still the river of anguish which flooded her face, hoping not to further traumatize the little girl. However Beryl still felt distressed, as if what she heard had been amplified.

"Beryl, I will be with you, regardless of any mistakes that you make. I'll always be with you," She insisted.

"I don't need..." Placing her little hands over aching ears, Beryl tried to flee from reality, like a tortoise hiding in its shell.

It was so quiet that Emily's sobbing echoed between mother and daughter. They both felt heart-broken.

"Stop crying, please!" Beryl begged now. She could not bear it. Her mother's desperate sobs flooded into her mind, tearing down the barriers that she had built in self-defense.

No, it shouldn't be like this.

That woman said Beryl could take great delight in other people's pain.

Now she took revenge on her parents. And she was supposed to be happy, wasn't she? She wouldn't feel sorry for them, never!

After some time, Beryl finally found Emily's suppressed sobs had quietened. She sighed with relief that the battle of wills had grown silent.

But suddenly Emily swayed slightly, then she tipped over and fell unconscious on the floor. Her face had become very pale.

"Mommy? Mommy!" Panic instantly stripped all the arrogance from Beryl's face, her eyes filled with fear, and she cried, "You are kidding, aren't you? Wake up! I don't buy it."

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