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   Chapter 405 You're My Toy Now

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There weren't so many people in the children's lounge that day. Most of them were the trained babysitters who occasionally checked the children. Emily let the girls to play on their own but hid in the nook to observe just in case the girls needed something.

She observed that the two girls were getting along quite well. Beryl was not aloof towards her new friend. She was even enthusiastic about playing with Belle and drawing pictures with the latter.

Emily had fun watching the girls. She didn't want to take them off her sight, but nature was calling, and she had to get to the bathroom.

Apparently, Beryl was also observing Emily secretly. "My Mommy's gone." She suddenly said while doodling on a white paper with a red crayon.

But Belle couldn't understand what Beryl meant. She looked at Beryl's beautiful doll-like face and asked softly, "What do you mean? Hasn't she left already?"

But instead of answering Belle's question, Beryl snatched the crayon out of Belle's hand and snapped it. She looked coldly at Belle. The friendliness of Beryl's smile suddenly vanished.

Belle was shocked at what Beryl did. She looked at Beryl with a confused face as if trying to understand why she did that. But instead of asking Beryl, she just took another crayon from the box and started minding her own business. She realized that Beryl must have not liked her that much.

However, Beryl snatched it again and snapped it in Belle's face.

Belle was patient enough to let it slide. Besides, she promised Beryl's mother that they won't quarrel. So, she just picked up another crayon. But just as she was about to draw again, Beryl grabbed and snapped it again.

Again and again, until Belle could not help but feel wronged. With tears in her eyes, she asked Beryl out of frustration, "Why do you keep on doing that? Do you hate me?"

"Yes, I hate you!" Beryl crushed the crayon on the ground and gave a spiteful smile. "Can't you see what I'm doing? I'm bullying you!"

"But why? I... Can't we be good friends?" Belle innocently asked. Her tears kept rolling down her cheeks.

Beryl chuckled, "Are you kidding? Do you take me as a little fool? You and your Daddy are just sucking up to my Daddy. Who would want to be friends with greedy people like you?"

"No..." With her face turning red from crying, Belle tried to explain.

Yes, her father did tell her to please Beryl to help him with this business with Jacob and to earn more money. But it wasn't her intention. She didn't even know how to please someone she didn't

, not under her watch. She looked at her daughter and said, "Not only you hurt other people, but now you're lying to us? Beryl, I'm really disappointed at you now."

Beryl's expression changed. Her innocent look turned cold which made her look like an unsympathetic doll.

"Haven't I had enough disappointments from both of you? Mommy and Daddy? It's like tasting your own medicine."

Upon hearing this, Jacob and Emily's hearts sank.

Deep down, they blamed themselves for Beryl's behavior. If they had come for her earlier, she wouldn't have suffered much and wouldn't be like this.

Emily was trying to calm herself down. She took a deep breath and then said, "Jacob, please put her down."

Jacob didn't even know what to say. He did what Emily asked and let Beryl stand on her own feet. He did not intend to disobey his wife or interrupt her while disciplining their daughter. It was his way of showing how much he respected Emily as his wife and a mother to their child.

"Beryl, why are you hurting people?" Emily asked.

Beryl looked at Emily and said, "She asked for it."

"I don't ask whether she wanted it or not. It's wrong to hurt people regardless. What did she do to you to deserve this?" Emily asked again.

"Nothing. I did it just for fun. I was getting bored." It wasn't appropriate for Beryl's age to answer that way.

This caused Emily to be extremely angry but sad at the same time, "You find happiness in other people's suffering?"

"Yes. So what?" she answered coldly. As if provoking her mother more, she added, "That's what I want."

"You..." Emily almost lost her consciousness due to an instant upsurge of her blood pressure and loss of breath.

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