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   Chapter 404 Who Do You Think You Are

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Emily frowned and stared at her skeptically. "Seriously? How can you talk like that while your daughter is here? What's wrong with you?"

"She is my child so I can do whatever I want. It's none of your business." The woman said. She pulled the child closer to her and shouted even louder, "What's the problem with you? How dare you say that me? Who the hell do you think you are? Don't ever think you can get your hand on Ken! The likes of you won't even stand a chance!" She pointed her index finger to Emily and continued yelling, ignoring the presence of the child. "Waiter! Get this woman out of my sight right now!"

"I think you should be the one to leave." A man suddenly interrupted. The voice was coming from the main door of the restaurant.

The woman was shocked to see Jacob. Her eyes widened and she stuttered, "Mr. Jacob? I didn't expect you to be here."

Jacob walked in, followed by Ken. 'What is going on?' The woman was really confused. They must have heard everything she just said to Emily.

"Ken, I…" She tried to explain, but she couldn't figure out a proper excuse for her inappropriate behavior. She knew that Ken heard it because she saw his raging eyes.

Ken walked towards her and slapped her on the face before she even realized what was happening.

"Why are you still here, Alison? I specifically ask you to bring Belle here and leave. Leave now and stop embarrassing me." Ken was really annoyed and wanted Alison out of his sight.

"I didn't do anything wrong…I was just…" Alison didn't get it and she was trying to clear things up with Ken. 'This woman here was so rude to me, and I was just trying to make her behave. How could Ken see another woman while he is still with me? And he even slapped me in front of Mr. Jacob!' she thought.

"You were just what? Do you even know who she is?" Ken could feel that Jacob was really miffed. He was trying to pacify the situation and be on Jacob's good side. If he wanted Jacob as his business partner, he might as well not make a bad impression about himself to Mr. Jacob.

"So, is she one of your new girls?" Alison shrugged and glared at Emily. Jacob moved to Emily's side and looked at Alison with contempt.

"Well," He sneered, "This is my wife, Emily. But I don't think you have the privilege to meet her."

"Wait, what? What are you talking about?" Alison looked at Emily in disbelief. She couldn't believe what she just heard. Her face turned red in embarrassment. "How? I mean…how…she is…what?" she stuttered. She was too embarrassed to even complete a sentence.

"Are you a fool?" Ken was so ashamed by Alison's reaction, "You need to apologize to Mrs. Gu, now!"

'Mr. Jacob's wife? He is married? But when did he get married? I thought she was just another mistress of Ken. I messed up bi

help Beryl become a normal kid again. If this works, this will be the greatest blessing to our family, ' Emily thought while looking at the two girls.

Ken was even happier. He knew that Beryl was everything to Jacob, so if his daughter would be good friends with Beryl, things would be easier for him.

At the thought of that, he turned to Belle and called her again: "Baby, you should take care of Beryl. You are the big sister!"

Emily gave some sweets to Belle and gently stroked her hair "Your name is Belle, right? Don't listen to you Dad. They were just kidding. You are Belle and nobody is taking that name away from you, okay?"

Belle nodded and smiled. She glanced at Ken to see that his father was not looking and quickly whispered to Emily, "My mom is not a psycho. She is fine."

"I know. Don't worry," Emily assured Belle. Alison was indeed annoying, but her daughter was nothing like her. "But your mother was rude, and you shouldn't behave like that. Do you know what I mean?" Emily said to Belle.

"Yes, Ma'am. Our teachers in school always tell us to be polite to others," Belle politely replied.

"Good girl. Let's go and have fun." Emily was satisfied with her answer.

There was a common room for children that Jacob specifically requested to be built so that parents could have a safe place to leave their children in the restaurant while they discuss business. It was filled with toys, books, games, and all kinds of children facilities.

There were also trained babysitters to guarantee children's safety.

Emily led the children into the common room. She bent down and said to both girls, "You two will be good friends and have fun together. If you need anything, just go and ask the waiters over there. Do not quarrel with each other, promise?"

Beryl glanced at the waiters and babysitters and smiled: "Promise."

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