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   Chapter 403 His New Sweetheart

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After Emily finished her words, Bess stood there seething in anger and unable to utter another word.

Bess had to sit down for a few minutes to catch her breath. Emily said firmly, "If you've come here for Mark and Tina, I am sorry to tell you that you've come the wrong place. I have no time to talk with you about this matter."

Emily turned around immediately and was about to leave when Bess stood up and hurried to stop her. She pleaded, "Emily, please wait! You can't deny that I'm your mother. Couldn't you spare your brother and sister for my sake?"

Emily stopped in her tracks and turned around to look back at Bess.

She had never looked at Bess so closely. She realized that Bess had changed a lot over these years. In her memory, Bess was an intellectual, elegant and generous lady. But now, she had become hysterical, unreasonable, selfish and arrogant.

Everything she did was for her dear son and daughter. Bess was blind to everyone else's feelings, including her own daughter's.

"Mother, this is my first time and also the last time I will ever call you that," she said to Bess.

"Emily," said Abbott, who had been silent the whole time. Emily's cold look increased his guilty feelings, but he finally uttered three words, "I am sorry."

Emily's eyes moistened as she listened to Abbott's apology. She slowly said to him, "You don't have to apologize to me." Emily still put on a stiff face, but she felt completely relieved. She had come to terms with the fact that she was the most unpopular child in this family, and yet deep in her heart, she was the one who was eager to get the love of her parents. Abbott's apology confirmed her doubts and also killed the last bit of hope she had.

Finally, she had now given up her unrealistic dreams of winning their love. Hatred was the only thing she had in her heart for them.

"I will never forgive Mark and Tina. I promise, I will make them taste all the sufferings I've had to go through," Emily said coldly and then walked away without looking back at them.

"Emily!" Bess cried out from behind. Not having received the response she wanted from Emily, she then turned to Abbott and grumbled, "How dare she say that to me! Look at her! She is so rude and cold-blooded!"

"Stop whining," Abbott interrupted her, "She was forced to become what she is today because of us. It's all our fault. We're finally getting what we deserve."

Abbott disagreed with Bess on coming to Emily to ask for forgiveness at first. However, when Bess couldn't wait anymore, he reluctantly accompanied her to see Emily. Bess knew about the reunion of Emily and Jacob, and she was convinced that Jacob would listen to whatever Emily advised. She was planning to beg for Emily's forgiveness and implored her to spare Mark and Tina.

However, to their surprise, Emily refused her requests straightaway.

Abbott sat on the chair silently, thinking about the current situation. He was too old to control the situation and he felt helpless as he witnessed his family's d

and that he would protect her even at the cost of his own life. However, she didn't want Jacob to sever his business relationship with Ken because of her.

Emily sent another text to him, "Don't worry. It's no big deal. He hasn't done anything inappropriate to me. See you soon."

"Okay. I'll be right there." Jacob knew that Ken was a womanizer, but he also knew that Ken wouldn't dare to do anything to Emily for his sake.

Emily put down her phone and picked the cup up to take a sip from it.

After a few minutes, a sexy lady walked into the room with a little girl in her hand. She looked around as if to look for someone and said, "Ken, I've brought Belle here. Where are you?".

Emily curiously, turned around to follow the shrill voice and caught sight of the lady and the little girl named Belle. The lady noticed Emily staring at her from a close distance.

"Aha! Ken's new sweetheart!" That lady scoffed, as she looked at Emily with disdain. She walked close over to Emily and said, "Bitch, how dare you steal my man. Where did you hide Ken?"

Emily sat still in ignorance, as if she hadn't heard that lady's voice. However, her eyes fell upon the timid little girl who was clearly frightened by that lady's loud voice.

'This little girl must be Ken's daughter, the one Beryl is supposed to meet. It's such a pity that this lovely girl has such a rude mother, '

Emily couldn't help feeling sorry for the little girl in her mind.

Emily's ignorance made that lady even more furious. She was in love with Ken, but unfortunately Ken had no interest in her. Finally, she managed to win Ken back with the help of her weapon: her daughter. If not for their daughter, Ken would have never taken her back. But it turned out that her happiness didn't last long. Ken had found someone else to replace her again. How could she bear it?

"Why are you pretending like you didn't hear what I've said? Speak up, you dirty whore! Are you trying to wreck my family? Stop dreaming! Ken is just playing you!"

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