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   Chapter 402 She Is A Menace To Me

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Meanwhile, Emily and Jacob were waiting at the door. When they saw Joan coming out, they were jumping to ask her questions, but Joan stopped them by shaking her head.

Emily's heart skipped a beat. She followed Joan quietly to the living room, and then couldn't help asking, "Miss Joan, what do you think about my Beryl..."

"Beryl has a very sharp mind. Obviously, this incident has left a big scar on her mind. Now she is refusing to get close to anybody as a defense mechanism. It would take a lot of work to open her heart again," Joan answered.

"So what can we do for her?" Emily bit her pale lips and continued, "She's still so young..."

"Give her some time. You can try to bring her out of your house and let her play with the other kids. Remember not to force anything on her or be too hard on her. Otherwise, it will backfire on you. And I would advise against giving her medicines. After all, she's not in good health."

"Okay, I see. Thank you, Miss Joan."

Even after Joan had left, Emily couldn't shake off the sense of worry from her chest.

Jacob put his hands around her shoulders and said in a soft voice, "Don't worry too much, Emily. We will find a way to bring our Beryl back. At least we've found her and she's safe now."

"Yes, you're right," Emily replied, as she calmed her nerves. She suddenly remembered what she wanted to talk to Jacob about and asked, "What about the people from the Tao clan?"

"You can rest assured, I'll handle that," Jacob comforted.

"No, I want to send Tina to hell with my own hands."

Emily narrowed her eyes with determination.

If she had fulfilled her plan earlier than expected, Tina would not have gotten the chance to hurt Beryl. Now Emily was hell-bent on making Tina pay for her vicious actions.

Emily had no intentions of letting Tina go for what she had done to her parents. The whole purpose behind Emily's return to Z Country was to exact her revenge upon Tina and naturally, she had done a lot of preparatory work. Over the years, she had gathered evidence that could put Tina behind bars on charges of killing Emily's foster parents.

Now the time for putting everything out on the table had come. As soon as the evidence against Tina appeared on the Internet, it immediately became the headlines of every newspaper publishers in Jingshi City.

Almost everyone in Jingshi City knew the truth—Emily and Tina were exchanged by their families after birth. When Tina found out that she wasn't the real daughter of the Tao clan, she killed her biological parents, who also happened to be Emily's foster parents, with her own hands because she was ashamed of them. What a horrible and despicable woman she was! Moreover, she had committed countless other crimes. Some of those crimes alone were i

e! You refused to go back to the Tao clan. It's not my fault anymore!"

"You wanted to make up for my unhappy childhood? Really? All you did was ignoring Tina's malicious actions towards me again and again. But when I taught her a lesson, your heart ached for her, and you couldn't hold back your anger towards me."

Emily felt cold all over her body. Her hope and feelings for Bess had completely disappeared.

The needle stung Bess exactly the way Emily hoped it would. Bess got angry from embarrassment, and said, "In any case, Mark is your brother, and Tina is your sister! No matter what happened between you, we should have resolved our problems among ourselves. How could you tell the whole world and even the police about what Tina had done? Why are you so merciless? They are your family!"

Family? When Mark and Tina hurt her and her daughter again and again, did they ever think of her as their family?

This word was the funniest thing Emily had ever heard from Bess.

"I don't have a brother or a sister." Emily felt that it was meaningless to argue with Bess anymore, so she said dismissively, "Even you, I don't think you are qualified to be my mother. You weren't the one who raised me. You never even loved me. You just gave birth to me and then abandoned me right after."

Although Debby and Andrew were far from being the perfect parents, at least they took care of her and sent her to college. In her heart, they were her real parents. Unfortunately for them, right after they found their real daughter, she murdered them without remorse.

"If you didn't pamper and spoil Tina, she wouldn't have become such a vicious woman. Not only are you unworthy of being my mother, you are also unworthy of being Tina's mother. Tina is in such an awkward predicament now because of your over-indulgent love," Emily said without mercy.

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