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   Chapter 401 Please, I Am Begging You

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 7209

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Emily and Jacob couldn't gather any useful information from Beryl about what had happened, but they learned a lot from the maidservant and what she said to them broke their hearts.

"Tina is a wretched woman! Even a savage animal's viciousness fell short to Tina's!" Every cell in Emily's body wanted to tear Tina into pieces. Beryl was so young that the sufferings must have left a huge scar in her mind!

Jacob said, in an icy cold tone, "We should call a psychologist for Beryl. She will need help to deal with her traumatic experiences."

Emily nodded in agreement. While Jacob tried to contact the psychologist, she went to look for Beryl.

Ever since Beryl came back home, she locked herself in her room and refused to go out or talk to anyone else. Dull and glum were not suitable characteristic traits for little Beryl.

She avoided talking to others when she could. Emily was worried that Beryl's condition would get worse so she left her alone.

However, Beryl's mood became worse as she was always so silent and gloomy.

"Knock, Knock, Knock" Emily knocked at Beryl's door and said, "Beryl, mommy is coming in."

Unsurprisingly, there was no response.

Emily opened the door and cautiously walked in, slowly getting closer to Beryl sitting on the ground. Only God knew how much she wanted to embrace the little girl. The joy of regaining a long-lost treasure was totally doused by Beryl's condition.

Emily's daughter had come back to her, but she wasn't the same person she once was.

"Beryl... Beryl, would you like to come out and play with mommy?" asked Emily. Her voice was shaking with sadness, but she tried her best to hide her feelings.

Although they were going to call a psychologist, Emily wanted to take this opportunity to let Beryl go out for a walk and breathe the outside air, perhaps then she wouldn't lock herself in her room.

Beryl was looking down at something with a paintbrush in her hand. She was painting a picture.

Instead of answering Emily's question, she suddenly asked, "Mommy, what do you think of my painting?"

Beryl eagerly showed her painting to her mother. The painting of a bloody ra

nd then she quickly denied, "No, I don't like rabbits."

Joan asked tentatively, "Why not? They have beautiful eyes. Red like rubies."

Beryl raised her voice, as she shut her eyes and trembled, "Just shut up."

"What's the matter, Beryl? What's bothering you?" Joan asked.

"Just don't say that any more!"

Beryl burst into tears, her eyes as red as a rabbit's and her voice as fierce as a small animal's roar.

However, Joan knew that behind Beryl's tough exterior was a vulnerable child. She was just trying to protect herself in her own way.

"Don't be afraid, Beryl. All of us will protect you," Joan comforted her.

"I told you to shut up!" Beryl's voice suddenly became so shrill that she didn't even bother to speak in Chinese, as she continued in English, "What do you know? You know nothing!"

Beryl cried out, "Do you know what I have been through? No one came to save me. Everyone and anyone, whether human beings or animals, who came in contact with me ended up dying because of me. Where were you when I was struggling all alone?

I hate all of you. I hate the world.

I know what you are doing here.

Stop trying and just leave me alone, Miss Joan."

Joan didn't expect that Beryl would be sensitive and aware enough to see through her pretense. All the while, she was also greatly shocked by Beryl's words.

After a while, Joan let out a long sigh of disappointment and walked out of the room.

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