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   Chapter 400 What happened to Beryl

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At the villa, everyone was doing their best to find Beryl. No corner of the villa was left unturned, all rooms were checked, and every inch of space was looked at. Finally, Beryl was found amidst the flowers in the garden with her rabbit doll in her arms.

Crying her heart out, Emily ran towards Beryl and hugged her tightly. "Oh, Beryl! I'm sorry that this happened to you! Mommy did not protect you enough!" Emily cried.

She released Beryl from her arms and examined her from head to toe for any injuries. She was relieved to know that her daughter was returned to her unharmed.

Jacob was standing right beside them, watching as the mother reunited with her daughter. He was relieved and happy to see that his daughter was brought back safe, but a part of him was still worried. "Honey, it's better if you take Beryl to the hospital now to have her checked," he suggested to Emily.

"Let's go, Beryl. Just tell Mommy if you feel uncomfortable okay?"

Beryl looked at her mother with her bright black eyes. She didn't say a word but only nodded politely.

Emily noticed the strange behavior of her daughter and had a bad feeling about it. "Beryl, sweetheart, are you all right? Why are you not talking to us? Are you tired? Are you hurt?"

At that moment, it also occurred to Jacob that Beryl was behaving strangely. He frowned and bent down to hold Beryl in his arms and said, "Go and see the doctor first."

Emily was upset and felt uneasy. She wondered what Tina could have done to her precious little one. What could have happened to Emily's daughter?

As if Beryl sensed that they were about to leave, she struggled to get out of Jacob's arms. She cried, "My drawing! I want my drawing!"

"What is it, Beryl? What drawing do you want? Daddy will find for you!" Jacob gently comforted his daughter in his arms. He was patient in handling Beryl, careful not to scare her. "Where can I get your painting?"

Beryl just stared at her father blankly. Jacob could see his reflection in his daughter's eyes.

The maid suddenly appeared and said, "I'm sorry, Mr. Jacob. But maybe the painting is in Beryl's room."

"Take me there," Jacob immediately replied. He stood up and handed Beryl to Emily.

The maid was surprised to see the quick reaction of Jacob. "Okay, Sir," the maid politely replied.

The maid led Jacob, Emily, and Beryl to the room. As soon as they opened the door, they were overwhelmed by the ambiance of the room.

The thick curtains were draw

hing first?"

"What is it?" Beryl replied.

"Please don't make your Mommy sad again," Jacob said.

Beryl chuckled and glanced at sobbing Emily. Jacob didn't want to see Emily cry. He loved her very much and she was always the most important one.

To Beryl's mind, she was the last in his father's priority list.

"Deal," Beryl agreed.

Though he was reluctant, Jacob kept his promise and gave the painting to Beryl.

As soon as Beryl touched the painting, she hugged the painting tightly and allowed no one to touch it.

Jacob tried to carry Beryl, but she refused. Instead, she approached Emily and hugged her.

Emily was surprised and confused at the same time, while Jacob was in awe with the sudden change of Beryl's behavior. She kept on talking to Emily as if nothing had happened and every word she said went right through Emily's heart like a knife.

After the days of anxiety, worry, and unknown, Emily felt weak and was almost to collapse. She was just relieved that they finally found Beryl. But Jacob still had his hesitations and was more worried about the situation.

With Beryl still acting strange, Jacob could not afford to put his guard down. He wanted to protect both Emily and Beryl, but at the same time, he did not want Beryl's new behavior to sadden Emily.

Jacob rubbed his sore temples; he was already exhausted with all that had happened. There wasn't wrong about Beryl before and he could have noticed it if there was any. He turned his gaze to the maid and said, "Please come with us. Tell us everything you know."

He was eager to find out everything that Tina did to Beryl to make the latter like this.

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