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   Chapter 398 Tendency For Self-Harm

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The wind blew past the hillside villa on the eastern part of Jingshi City, setting off the various chimes that adorned its windows.

The Taos private doctor was performing some physical examinations for Beryl, who was out cold on the bed, "The kid was born with frail health. You need to pay extra attention to what she's eating. She is also allergic to light, she absolutely cannot be exposed to sunlight for too long. As for the reason why she lost consciousness, I suppose it was because of some sort of shock to her nerves..."

'Look at him rambling!' Tina was sick of the doctor's admonishments. She leaned against the foot of the bed and said, "Tsk, such a weak body! She's like a porcelain doll!"

Mark had been staring at her this whole time. Hearing her mutterings, he interjected, "I can give you a healthy one if you like."

In fact, what he thought while saying that was 'We can create one if you desire.'

"It won't be the same at all." Tina sullenly stared at him, "Those idiotic servants cannot do their job! I specifically ordered them to watch over Beryl, but even then they wouldn't listen! If they followed my commands to the letter, this wouldn't have happened!"

"Alright, you will not see them again." Mark had always been the most patient one towards Tina.

The doctor couldn't do anything but sigh deeply when he heard their conversation. He felt nothing but pity for the little girl.

She's a living, breathing person! A kid! She's not a toy to be used for fun... But what else can I do? I'm just a doctor. I am nobody to them...'

A couple of hours after the doctor left, Beryl came to herself. Her eyelids fluttered, and slowly she opened her eyes, revealing her jet-black pupils. The spark of intelligence in them was long gone, now replaced with something more primal. Her eyes were like the night sky without stars, empty but morbidly beautiful.

A hand pinched Beryl's cheek hard, and a repulsive voice resounded near her ears, "Hey Kiddo, you're awake at last."

Beryl looked at her indifferently, and ignored her greeting. Her emotionless stare piqued Tina's interest, she then acted whiny while playing with Beryl's face, "Look at your fragile body! You can't die just yet, I'm going to be so bored with you gone!"


erilized and bandaged her gaping wound. She soon left after the treatment, leaving Mark alone with the doctor. The doctor seemed to say something, but somehow he did not open his mouth.

"Are you trying to say something?"

Both his stare and words were icy. The doctor seemed to shrink into himself, sweating like a pig. After a few moments of hesitation, he finally spoke albeit slowly, carefully, "Miss Tina might have a tendency for self-harm. I think, you need to pay more attention to her, Mr. Mark. Stop irritating her, and stop her from hurting herself..."

"Tendency for self-harm?" Mark's face turned grim, his expression clouded, "This… this has never happened before."

"What I mean to say is that Miss Tina is suffering from serious psychological problems, and it is getting worse at a rapid rate. I am sorry that I can't do anything more to help, though I can recommend some experts to help her."

"I see." This is turning into a real headache. Mark knew Tina well, she would absolutely refuse to talk to a psychologist.

Mark didn't give a damn how twisted Tina was, he would never let her hurt herself again.

Right after the doctor left, Mark set up a 24-hour closed-circuit camera system hidden around the villa to observe Tina.

At the end of day, upon checking the footage, what he found shook him to his core.

Tina lied to him.

She didn't hurt herself like she claimed. Someone else did! Who was the suspect? None other than the five-year-old daughter of Jacob and Emily.

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