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   Chapter 397 Even Death Wouldn’t Atone For All Her Crimes

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The living room was slightly dim and silent. Big, innocent eyes looked up at Tina curiously. It was Beryl, who waited patiently for an answer. However, Tina only giggled at her and said, "No. Do you remember the maidservant who hugged you yesterday? This is her blood. Didn't you recognize it?"

Beryl's mouth dropped open in shock. "Ah!" she screamed in fear, droplets of cold sweats littered on her back. Tina's eyes only glinted maliciously at her reaction.

It was the first time that Beryl hated someone so much. "What did you do to her?" she shrieked angrily.

Tina's eyebrows shot up incredulously. "This is a small punishment for her. She should learn that no one is allowed to touch my things without my permission. But, I heard that if a person bleeds too much, they may die soon. Do you think it is true?" she said with a sarcastic smile.

Beryl clenched her fists in anger. "You're a bad person!" she screamed. She then hurled her small body forward in a despaired attempt to hit Tina.

Little Beryl rushed forward like a mad dog, but Tina only laughed. She stretched out a leg, which Beryl tripped on and fell to the ground. Beryl landed right down on her face, but she exerted all her effort to stand up. However, Tina stepped down on her thin back with one knee, making her unable to move.

"I'm telling you! This is my way to deal with things, so you'd better remember it! But dear Beryl, you must also understand that the maid would never suffer if she didn't help you, so she suffered for you. Do you understand? You are actually the murderer," Tina viciously spat out. From under Tina's knee, Beryl's face twisted in anger and pain.

She tried to move a bit or even just turn her head around, but to no avail. Her lips let out a strangled cry.

In her mind, Beryl blamed herself for the maid's sufferings. Tina had treated the maid cruelly because of her. If she hadn't come out last night, nothing would've happened to the maid. She was the only person in the villa who was kind enough to Beryl, but now she had gotten into trouble because of her! It was her fault.

Fear and loneliness enveloped Beryl, as if she was a bird trapped in a cage.

"Now we are the same type of person. We are both bad people," Tina continued to taunt and make her feel even guiltier.

However, Beryl shook her head violently in disgust. "No, we are not. You are a devil, but I am not!" she shot back loudly, which almost used up all of her strength.

"Don't cheat yourself," Tina only scoffed at her words. Beryl did not respond to her jeers. That was when Tina noticed that something was wrong with her. Upon checking, she saw that her eyes were closed and she was unconscious.

"Beryl, just wait and see. Soon, you'll become the same kind of person as me," Tina whispered to the unconscious Beryl.

She added, "There is no angel in this

f the room. He took his phone out and saw that the call was from Magee. "Magee, what's up?" he answered.

"I get the news of your daughter," Magee's voice spoke to him from the other side of the line.

This piece of news made Jacob ecstatic. "Where is she?" he asked avidly. He was eager to hear more about Magee's findings.

"I got a reliable source that your daughter's disappearance is related to the Tao family. Perhaps they didn't pay much attention to me, so I got a chance to find some clues about Beryl. But I haven't found the specific hiding place of Beryl yet," he spoke. "You'd better find out whether they have any secret residence," Jacob replied.

If it wasn't for the Tao family's driver's mistress who spilled the beans, Magee would never have known a clue about Beryl's whereabouts. It seemed that the Tao family held this information in strict confidentiality.

Magee was the business partner of Jacob. He knew how valuable this information was to their cooperation.

Upon hearing the news, Jacob bit his bottom lip tightly and frowned, his eyes narrowed into slits. "The Tao family is doomed this time. Thank you for your news, Magee. I'll reward you later," he responded to Magee with gritted teeth.

Magee paused for a while, and then asked Jacob, "Er, how is that woman?"

Jacob knew that woman he mentioned was Leona. "I'm going to make her beg for death. Magee, do you want to plead for mercy for her?" He replied without hesitation.

"Never. Why should I plead for her?" Magee immediately explained. "I just want to make sure when she would die," he added.

However, Jacob had no time to speculate about what was in Magee's mind. "As a reward, I will satisfy all your requests except Leona after I take Beryl back. But I must hang up now," he said in finality, and hung up the phone accordingly.

As for Leona, even death wouldn't atone for all her crimes.

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