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   Chapter 396 How Dare You Steal My Toy

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 7739

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Beryl was surrounded by endless darkness, the room was a frightening pit of shadows.

Beryl could feel the dead rabbit's eyes stare at her from the wall...

"Ah!" Beryl screamed in fear. Beryl could not tolerate the scary room any longer, she ran to the door, but found it locked. Her bare feet padded to the center of the room where she shrank into a bundle of misery.

It was pouring outside with lightning flashing, and thunder roaring through the volatile night.

White lightning streaked through the angry sky, lighting up the dark room. Beryl's face turned a pallid color as fear lodged in her heart. Despair triumphed over hope in her fragile mind.

"Mommy, Daddy... Save me please...

Mommy, I miss you so much. I will be a good girl from now on, please just come and take me home...

Mommy, I'm so scared! I'm really scared..." Beryl cried out desperately.

"Don't cry, please, little miss Beryl." Came a woman's voice, calm and tender. In the dark, someone lit a candle. The room was suddenly flooded with a warm glow and a fierce flame flickered in the windy night.

Beryl wiped her tears and blinked at the surreal light with swollen eyes. She moved towards it, reaching out, like it was her last hope.

"Sister..." She called out.

Beryl knew this woman who had, if only momentarily, banished the darkness. She always carried scars, old and new, but she never mistreated Beryl. She was different from other maids in the villa.

The maid squatted down, set the candle in front of Beryl and said, "Don't be afraid. You are a strong-minded girl, aren't you?"

"Sister..." Beryl called her again. Beryl's face was soaked with tears and she reached out to touch the flame, this was the first time she felt warm since she was taken. She really wanted to hold the warmth tightly in her hand, she needed to pull it into her very soul.

However, the maid moved the candle out of her reach and said gently, "You will get burnt."

"But I'm afraid. The dark..." Beryl said in a low voice.

"I'm with you. I'm with you. Don't cry please. Your cry will wake up others." The maid explained patiently. They both knew who the "others" were.

"Okay..." Beryl agreed. Beryl felt safe with the maid. She knew that the maid would not hurt her. Maybe because Beryl had been away from Emily for suc


"I won't!" Beryl assured her. Beryl clenched her fists tightly and promised herself that she could be strong.

Tina left the room without another word, she did not want to sleep with Beryl, either. She was just angry that Beryl refused her so blatantly.

Beryl laid down on her bed and tucked up her legs into the fetal position, wrapping the quilt around her like a cocoon of protection. She closed her eyes tightly against the cruelty of this evening.

'It's okay. It's okay. Tina can't see me under this cover...

Don't be afraid, Beryl. Hold on! Daddy and Mommy will come to save you!' Beryl mentally comforted herself.

Finally, during this process of fear and self-encouragement, Beryl fell asleep.

The next morning, the first thing Beryl was again greeted by the painting of the rabbit as she awoke. She had become frightened to open her eyes in the morning, and being greeted by the gory sight. Slowly, she took several deep breaths.

Beryl left her room and saw Tina standing at the balcony outside, wearing a scarlet cape, like the evil queen in fairy tales.

"Beryl, come here and water the flowers." Tina brightly waved her hand towards Beryl as if nothing had happened during the night before.

Beryl wanted to leave but knew that she would not be allowed to, so she walked towards Tina hesitantly and asked, "What are you doing?"

Beryl noticed that Tina was holding a watering can filled with a red liquid and continued, "What's inside of the pot? Is that a kind of special potion for the plants?"

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