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   Chapter 394 A Fragile Life

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 10094

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Somehow even after hearing that Beryl didn't feel relieved, not one bit. She sensed that what Tina said a few moments back about wanting to gouge her eyes out was how she really thought. She just said it out aloud but for some reason took it back and wanted to retrain her thoughts for the time being...

Now almost too scared of losing her eyes, Beryl could hardly control her emotions any longer. Her big eyes filled up with tears, but she still tried her level best to hold back her fears in a bid to avoid annoying the evil-minded woman standing across her.

'I want to go home...

Mommy and Daddy, where are you? I'm so terribly scared. Please come and save me!

This woman is a wretched witch! If you don't come soon enough to save me, you will lose your favorite daughter, ' Beryl thought in despair just hoping her parents heard her silent prayer.

"Come on, you cute little rabbit. Don't you cry now," Tina consoled her in a soft tone as she wiped Beryl's tears away with her slender fingers and with one swift movement held the little girl in her arms. She comforted in a motherly tone, "I was just kidding. You're so beautiful and lovely. How could I have the heart to impair your beauty and make you suffer?"

Beryl remained in her arms quietly and obediently, but her body was completely stiff and deep in her heart, she felt like Tina's gentleness was actually on the contrary like a poisonous snake wrapping her up in her embrace while raising its head, waiting for a chance to kill her.

"As long as you are subservient, I will treat you well and make sure you are not in harm's way." Tina touched her head and put her down, and continued, "Take it easy. You can play with the rabbit."

As soon as Beryl's feet touched the ground beneath them, she sprinted like a little rabbit, maintaining a wide distance from Tina.

Tina paid no attention to her behaviour. Instead, she just plucked some grass and began to feed the rabbit by her feet. At this moment, she looked fairly calm and composed.

Beryl took a deep breath and tried to calm herself down, 'Daddy and Mommy will come and save me soon from this situation. I need to remain calm and strong! Beryl, you are a good girl, and you will be just fine. I'm pretty good. I will never give up hope.'

Beryl fed the rabbits with grass with affection, and accidentally, cast a look at Tina who was now doing something cruel, which petrified her and now her face suddenly turned pale and pupils dilated with disbelief.

Tina was squeezing a white rabbit's fragile little neck in a rough manner.

"What are you doing to it?" Beryl screamed out in the poor animal's defence, and quickly rushed to her, trying to remove the frail dying rabbit out from her hand. "Let it go!" she yelled.

Seeing her concerned expression, Tina smiled more brilliant. She stood up with the rabbit in her hand, lifting it slowly to make sure that Beryl couldn't touch it anymore. Then she mustered all the strength she had to squeeze the rabbit's neck. The poo

. Her heart was aching for them and the injustice they suffered.

She suddenly regretted being such a weak and scared girl that she even could not stand up to Tina and protect these rabbits from harm's way.

"Beryl, you are such a sweet innocent girl." Tina washed her hands and grabbed a handkerchief to wipe away Beryl's overflowing tears from her face. She continued, "Well, since it's Beryl's request, of course I will agree instantly."

Beryl looked at her stunned with her eyes wide open, still choking on her words, as she asked, "Rea - really will you?"

"Of course it's true. Why would I lie? But, my dear Beryl, there is no such thing as a free lunch. Don't be naive. What can you offer to repay me?"

Beryl was shocked beyond belief and remained silent for a long moment before she spoke, "Repay you? I don't know how I could possibly repay you."

Tina too paused for a while before putting a proposal forward and said, "Well, I have a good idea for you. How about drawing a beautiful picture for me?"

"Sure, that sounds good," Without hesitating, Beryl agreed almost immediately as she thought it was a good deal to paint a picture to save these rabbits' life. "But I have to be honest here that I'm not good at painting. Anyway, you can't go back..."

"Don't worry. I won't go back on my word, as long as the drawing comes straight from your heart," Tina replied in a tender loving voice, as if she was a gentle elder sister and had never done anything remotely cruelty.

But now Beryl understood very well that she was wearing a guise, at all times. Even though Tina looked exactly like her mother, Beryl thought she was quite ugly on the contrary because of her vicious and evil heart.

She whispered, "Sure I will be sure to draw it carefully. What do you want me to draw? Please do let me know."

Tina looked at Beryl with her malicious eyes as she stretched out her finger to point at the rabbit whose gouged out eyes were on the grass. She laughed, "You can draw that..."

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