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   Chapter 393 Not So Cute As You

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Emily's voice jilted Jacob's mind to reason. With one thought, Jacob suddenly loosened his grip on Leona as her face turned into dark hue of purple in an unnatural way and she could not breathe on her own.

"Doctor... Save her now please!" Emily yelled out for help.

She then rang the bell placed alongside the bed. The medical staff immediately rushed in to save Leona. And within a few moments, Leona was conscious and back to normal.

"Leona..." Emily took a deep breath to calm down before she continued addressing her, "Leona, I don't know what on earth it is that you want but as long as you tell me where Beryl is, I promise I will let go of everything that has transpired in the past!"

Even until this moment, Emily still did not believe that Leona had no information about Beryl and her whereabouts as she had a gut feeling that Leona did not want to tell her just yet so that she could extort and demand for more from Emily so as to hurt her.

"Let go of everything?" After Leona was severely strangled by Jacob, she struggled with pain to utter every single word. But despite the increasing pain she continued," I'm down here at this low point all because of you and you have the gall to say that you will be the one to let go of everything? Emily, are you bloody joking? I swear as long as I am alive I will strive to take my revenge for all this burdening pain and suffering!"

"Your actions, behavior and choices brought everything upon you. You deserve it!" Emily yelled out with resentment.

"I will not let go of anything until the day I succumb to death itself! So go ahead and kill me if you can." Leona yelled back with all the strength she could gather.

"Killing you will only make me feel sick. I don't want your blood on my hands." Emily said in a cold and indifferent tone. Emily would not fall into Leona's trap as she asked for nothing but death now. "I am asking you politely for the last time. Where is my child? Where have you hidden her?" Emily interrogated.

"Hahahahaha..." Leona burst into a laughter with malice evidently reflecting in her eyes as she said, "All I can say is, dream on because you will never see her again. You will never even know what kind of pain she must be suffering and facing because of you right now. Hahahahahaha..."

Even though Leona truly did not know where Beryl was at the moment and she too could not figure out how the children got be exchanged, she still had the upper hand and could hurt Emily and Jacob with those words. Her evil laugh lingered in the air piercing their heart as the uncertainty prevailed.

w white and soft rabbits were spread across the lawn in a joyful manner.

"Wow! So many happy bunnies..." Since she was captured by Tina, this was the first time Beryl smiled without any inhibitions from the bottom of her heart. As she evidently liked cute furry animals she asked, "Why do you raise only bunnies?"

Tina seemed very happy in this moment too as she patiently explained, "Because they appear so pure and chaste, just like your mother."

In Tina's mind, Emily too once was like these poor rabbits.

"Hey! My mommy is not a rabbit." Beryl refuted in a soft humbled tone. A rabbit jumped to her feet and she could not help reaching out her hand to touch its ears as she said, "It's so cute and soft."

"Well, not so cute as you," said Tina. Right then, Tina squatted too and placed a rabbit in front of Beryl and said, "Beryl, look at her eyes."

"They are so beautiful and pristine, like rubies." Beryl said happily.

"Really?" Tina asked with a smirk. With a glimpse at rabbit's eyes, Tina looked at Beryl again and with a weird smile she said, "Even the real ruby is not quite as beautiful as your eyes which made me want to dig them out and keep it for myself!"

Beryl's heart quivered upon hearing what Tina said. She raised her head and looked at Tina with fearful eyes.

Tina's face was dead pale as malice and gloom appeared in her big eyes. She was like a vampire exposed in sunlight which scared people away!

Beryl's face began to turn pale with fear.

She could not forget what Tina said about wanting to dig out her eyes...

Seeing Beryl all scared, Tina suddenly smiled, pinched her cheek and said, "How can I ever really get myself to do something like that? I was just joking."

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