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   Chapter 392 Dare You Say That Again

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 8187

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Leona tried to puzzle out the complicated set of circumstances. She finally figured out that Jacob and Emily hadn't found their daughter yet. But then who was the child she had carried? Did she fetch the wrong child?

Her memory was a painful and confused blur, but she started to formulate a plan. She told Jacob and Emily, "I know where your dearest daughter is. I can help you find her, only if you do something for me first."

"Leona, how can you still think that you have the right to negotiate with us? Why should I believe that you know where she is?" Jacob pointed a gun at her head and stared down the barrel with hawk eyes. He tightened his grip on the trigger, wanting nothing more than to kill her where she lay.

Leona laughed heartily, "Well. If you kill me, then you'll never know where your daughter is. I will take the secret with me to the grave."

"Leona! What the hell do you want from us?"

Emily screamed at Leona. She was on the verge of a mental break, eaten alive by worry for her daughter who was everything to her.

From their worried expressions, Leona knew that she had won the wild gamble. So what if the child she had saved was not their daughter? As long as it provided her leverage to achieve her purpose, she didn't care what had happened to Beryl.

"Bring Magee here to see me. Then I will tell you where Beryl is. Otherwise, you will never see her again."

Emily turned to Jacob, her eyes pleading, "Jacob, I know you can do that, can't you?"

Jacob holstered the gun and took her hands firmly in his, replying with a soothing tone, "Don't worry, I'll bring Magee here."

Jacob then turned to the half-dead Leona lying mummified in the hospital sheets. "If he comes here and you are lying, you will pay a heavy price," he threatened ominously.

Leona tiredly repeated, "Bring Magee here to see me. Then I will tell you where Beryl is immediately."

Jacob guided the heartbroken Emily from the room. Using his cellular phone he called Magee to come to the hospital, but wisely left out the reason for wanting his presence.

About twenty minutes later, Magee arrived at the hospital.

He had come to the hospital at Jacob's bidding, despite not knowing the reason. Due to the cooperation between Jacob and him, he felt he owed Jacob.

Hearing footsteps approaching, Leona weakly turned her head to the door. She saw a handsome man framed in the doorway. The slick, well-tailored black suit p

o quickly?

"Ah!" She finally accepted. She burst into inane laughter, tears flowing down.

"Now you have seen him." Jacob had drawn his gun again and pointed it at her forehead, his finger tightly curled around the trigger and burning for action. "Tell me now! Where is my daughter? Say it!"

"Your daughter?" Leona wiped away her tears and looked at Jacob and Emily with feigned surprise. "Do you really want to know where she is?" Her only joy now was to continue toying with them.

"Leona, enough of your tricks!"

"I want to tell you where she has been taken. Really! But I have no idea where. What a pity!" Leona spoke with an apologetic tone, but her eyes were full of viciousness. "Oh, wait, I remember! I caught the wrong child. She was not your daughter. You know, children all look the same to me."

Jacob lunged forward and grabbed her about the neck, "Leona, did you just say you don't know where she is? Dare you say that again?"

Leona was out of breath now, but she still laughed loudly, "I ... never knew ... I won't ... help ... even if you k-kill ... me."

"Son of bitch!" Jacob became irrational, wild with fury, he wanted to strangle Leona to death with his bare hands.

Emily rushed to stop him, "Jacob! Don't be provoked by her! Don't listen to her! It won't help us find our daughter, even if you kill her! Don't fall for it." Emily struggled to loose his tightening grip around the choking Leona.

Emily didn't care about saving Leona, but she didn't want her husband to go to jail for killing Leona. Leona deserved to die a thousand horrible deaths, but she would be punished by the law.

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