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   Chapter 391 Do You Like Children

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Beryl was frightened by Tina's demented features. She tried her best not to burst into tears as she whispered insincerely, "Because you look more beautiful than Mommy."

Mom taught her before that she should never upset a bad guy in order to protect herself. She never expected that piece of advice to be useful.

Upon hearing Beryl's answer, Tina's expression immediately changed into delight and laughed, "You have a keen eye, girl. Are you patronizing me?"

Beryl observed how she reacted and deduced that Tina was the kind of person who adored compliments. "Children don't tell lies," she said in a serious tone.

"Haha! Ah yes." Tina laughed even louder, "So it seems Emily and Jacob's child is really interesting. You stay here and accompany me."

Tina said like it was a blessing to be stuck here with her.

Beryl pursed her lips and asked as meek as possible, "Will you send me back home?"

"No. You are mine from here on out." Tina answered plainly, like it was a given fact already. She hadn't had enough of this game so she just wouldn't let her newfound toy go. "How about you call me your mommy from now on?"


Beryl screamed at the top of her lungs inwardly. She was safe to say anything in her mind. She kept herself from rolling her eyes. Even though she was a bit terrified, she could manage that. "I was born a girl, anyway. I couldn't care less who's my mom."

She would endure this humiliation as part of her mission.

'I hope Daddy and Mommy would come faster and save me from this nightmare.' Beryl thought to herself.

Mark, sitting on the corner of the room near the two, gave Beryl a cold stare. He knew Beryl was a clever kid and not as ignorant as she led them to believe.

Nonetheless, she was still just a kid and couldn't cause trouble even if she wanted to.

Tina didn't see through Mark's expression and just laughed, "Good! How about you call him Daddy?"

Tina pointed right at Mark while looking at Beryl. She just rolled her eyes without even answering.

Mark was taken aback and felt l

drifted away into her thoughts away from the pain.

How could Jacob spare her life and ask people to save her after all that she did? It didn't add up.

And the bullet could have killed her, no doubt about that...

The doctor finished dressing her reopened wound when she was deep in thought. The doctor just left without a word. Upon the doctor's departure from the ward, Emily rushed in without even knocking.

"Leona!" She screamed at Leona, her teeth bared. Her voice cracked underneath all the ferocity, "Where the hell did you hide my daughter?"

Leona was taken aback. 'Emily's daughter?

They saved her, didn't they?

What is Emily saying?' Leona thought.

"Leona! Speak!"

Leona had apparently been in a coma for the past three days. It was pure agony for Emily, waiting for the only chance to find her daughter to wake up. Even though Jacob assigned men to search for Beryl, it was all in vain.

The longer she waited, the more desperate she became. She stepped forward in strides and shook Leona's shoulders. She must get answers!

Leona had a splitting headache and was about to throw up blood, but she felt cold metal on her forehead, she focused her eyes and saw what it was—a black gun!

They hadn't noticed Jacob come in. He stood beside Emily and just stared icily at Leona like she was already dead.

"Tell me! Where is Beryl?"

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