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   Chapter 390 Don't I Look Like Her

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"Ah... She is not Beryl?" Emily asked incredulously, looking down at the unconscious child cradled in her arms. She touched the child's face with trembling hands, and smoothed away matted hair from her features to see clearly—

No! She was not her Beryl.

Although this child looked like Beryl, and they had a near-identical profile, Emily knew that the unconscious child was definitely not her daughter.

Caring is not always an advantage. In such a critical situation as this, she had not had time to verify whether the girl was Beryl or not. She had just assumed that it must be Beryl.

"She is not my daughter. Where is my Beryl?!" She cried out fearfully, an edge of panic in her trembling voice.

Emily knew despair then, her heart sank into the very depths of hopelessness. Doctors rushed to her and removed the child from her shaking hands for treatment.

"Don't scare yourself, Emily. Beryl is ... I will find her. I promise." Jacob comforted her, knowing that it was a promise which he might not be able to keep. He drew her into his arms and held her close for comfort. With cold determination he ordered his subordinates, "Keep looking for my daughter! I want her found."

Suddenly, Emily pushed him aside with surprising strength, and flung herself at the unconscious Leona who was still lying on the ground. She grabbed the still form by the shoulders and began violently shaking her and yelling, "Leona! Tell me where my daughter is? Wake up! I want my Beryl to come back! Now tell me where she is!"

Blood began running from Leona's mouth and nose, and her breathing grew ragged because of the savage treatment. She was too badly injured to respond and lapsed into a coma, unable to answer Emily.

"Emily! Calm down! This is not helping." Jacob restrained Emily from behind by locking his muscular arms around her in a large bear-hug, fearing that she would hurt herself as she was clearly out of control now. "I'll ask someone to tend to her, and we will know Beryl's whereabouts as soon as she wakes," he promised.

He turned to the doctors and barked through grit teeth, "Why are you still standing there like statues? Save her! If you fail, the next person to die will surely be you!"

Doctors were all stunned, but the threat of violence quickly galvanized them into response and they began emergency treatment, trying to rescue the dying Leona with all their might.

Emily stood dazed now, oblivious to the frantic activity around her, it was like a scene from a movie which blurred all thought. Abruptly, she fainted and fell back into Jacob's arms. It was as if Beryl's disappearance had leeched all her strength away. "Beryl..." was the last word she whispered before she passed out.


Meanwhile, at Mark's Villa, which was located in the eastern suburbs of Jingshi

me!" Beryl cried out in a small fear-filled voice and flung both arms up to fend them off.

Though confused, she still remembered auntie Ina lying on the ground, and then some wicked men appeared and put a handkerchief over her mouth, and she suddenly fell asleep. The bad men must have taken her away.

When she awoke, she found herself shut away in this small room. There was no one here and she was very frightened.

Tina looked down at her and coaxed, "Little Cutey, don't be afraid. Just look up at me."

Beryl raised her head slowly. Her watery eyes widened with surprise when she saw Tina's face. "Mommy!" she cried out.

Tina crouched down, like a tiger ready to pounce. Beryl studied her face carefully and immediately knew that this woman wasn't her mother. She shook her head and said, "No, you're not my mommy!"

Children are such excellent observers, and she instantly saw through Tina's pseudo appearance. Although Tina had endured extensive cosmetic surgery to make her look the same as Emily, there were still some fine distinctions. After all, no matter how skillful the doctor was, a plastic surgery would inevitably leave some unnatural marks on the face.

Beryl was a smart girl and she could easily tell a fake from the original. She knew this woman standing in front of her wasn't her mother, but she couldn't understand why this woman looked exactly like her mother. Moreover, why had this bad woman brought her here? What did she want from her?

Tina's face darkened with vexation upon hearing the child's words. Angrily she grabbed the child with hands like claws, "Don't I look like her? Why can you tell me from her? Answer me!" She screamed.

She flew into a crazed rage, her face twisted into a horrible expression, eyes burning with hatred, her breathing became short and heavy, as if any second she was going to spew forth fire.

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