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   Chapter 389 You're Fairly Not Sincere Enough

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 9402

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Evidently Leona hated Emily's guts.

The day she approached Tina to seek help and cooperation but in an unexpected turn ended up hurting her unintentionally, for which she was thrown on the road and almost run over by the car. Luckily, she fled the scene before it cost her life.

How could she possibly die before she had taken revenge on Emily for herself!

She was suffering from AIDS. In a bid to earn money fast, she sold her body to several men and slept her way up until she had earned enough money to hire someone to catch Emily's daughter, leaving her with no option but to show up.

Meanwhile, such an occupation was taking a toll on her health and once beautiful face. Everything was falling apart fast, and Leona had no option but to steal those expensive clothes and cosmetics to make herself appear pretty because she couldn't stand the thought of becoming uglier than Emily.

However, even though Emily wasn't in the mood to dress up and put effort into her look, she still managed to looked elegant and pretty even in her casual clothes almost like a blooming flower in the snow. At all events they always stood out owing to its innate beauty.

Emily was so prim and perfect, which made Leona more jealous and angry who had put in so much effort in her entire look.

"So, you want me to let your daughter go?" Leona, with a pale expression, stared at Emily, "Ok, but...."

Hearing this, Emily's eyes within a fraction of a second lit up all bright but she paused for a short moment and asked in an apprehensive tone, "On what condition?"

"Get down on your knees and beg me to let her go." commanded Leona with an air of superiority.

All this while, Emily's eyes were fixed on Beryl, then she slowly bent her knee, and knelt on the hard and cold ground, and uttered each word with much emphasis, "I beg you, let my daughter go..."

Upon hearing this, Leona laughed as her heart filled with sadistic pleasure as she put the pistol on Beryl's forehead and lashed out," Well, your begging did not seem sincere enough. Do you want to save your daughter or not?"

"Leona, what on earth do you want? Just tell me point-blank, don't play these games. All these things have nothing to do with my daughter, let her go, she is innocent!"

"Well. let me tell you she is not innocent. She is your daughter and this is the biggest sin and curse she could be born with! You should only blame yourself for being so hateful. After all it is your fault. What other reason do I have to capture and keep her here if she wasn't your daughter? She shouldn't be on the suffering end of this, you deserve all of this, isn't that right?"

Emily pursed her trembling lips together nervously.

Indeed. How would Beryl have been kidnapped if she wasn't so flashy and eye-catching?

"You are to blam

his hand with a determined focus, while maintaining a poker-face, as his eyes were blood-shot red, making him appear like devil incarnate. But in Emily's eyes, he was just the savior who rescued Beryl and her.

Had Jacob not arrived in time, she would die with gun shots to her heart. Emily couldn't help but burst into tears owing to his sudden appearance.

But now faced with such an urgent situation, they only looked at each other in mutual understanding, and then rushed towards Beryl.

"Beryl!" Emily stumbled over, as she cried out her daughter's name repeatedly with tears running down her flushed face, tightly held her child in her arms who was sprawled on the ground. Then she murmured, "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry all of this happened, Beryl..."

At the thought of what Beryl had suffered and witnessed, Emily's heart felt a pain so sharp almost like a knife were piercing through it, and she wished she had endured all of this instead of Beryl. Jacob shared the same sentiment and thought as he held Emily and Beryl tightly in his arms.

As for Leona, lay on the ground, she went into shock caused by the loss of blood, with her life draining out of her with each passing moment, Jacob's men finally arrived and cleaned up the scene.

Jacob gently patted Emily on her back in a bid to comfort her. However, as he looked down and glanced at the child's pale face, his eyes suddenly froze in shock.

"Emily." Jacob spoke with a shaking voice.

"This is not our child," he added.

Emily did not react immediately, with her dull eyes and eyelash weighed down with tears she asked, "What are you saying?"

Jacob suddenly realized that the weight of what he was about to say was particularly harsh and depressing for Emily. So as he placed his hands on her shoulder, in a soft tone he said, "You see, this child is not our daughter. She's not Beryl."

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