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   Chapter 388 Emily's Weakness

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The air was thick and tense. No one was promised the assurance of Beryl's safety. Jacob and Emily sat together, but both their minds were wandering off in many different directions all at once. If the kidnappers just wanted money, then Beryl's safety could be guaranteed. But if their target wasn't the ransom, then it would mean something else.

Both of Jacob's arms held Emily close and tried to give her all the support and comfort he could offer. "No matter how much the ransom is, we will save Beryl's life," Jacob reassured her.

As Jacob comforted Emily, he actually thought of another possibility. If the kidnappers didn't want the money, it could mean that they wanted to take revenge on him and Emily. If that was the case, then Beryl's life was definitely in danger.

Knowing that, he must find out the kidnappers' clues as soon as possible.

For every passing second that Beryl remains with the kidnappers, her life would always be in danger.

After a while, Emily and Jacob left their house and first went to the hospital to see Ina, who was being treated because she was poisoned by the kidnappers. When the couple arrived in her hospital room, Ina recalled what happened on that day for them. She was playing downstairs with Beryl, but she felt that something fishy was in the house, and immediately wanted to take Beryl back upstairs.

Ina was actually an expert in martial arts. The average person was no match for her at all. Because of her expertise, the Lu clan sent her to protect Emily and Beryl. However, even with her level of skill, her body couldn't overcome the power of the drug.

What happened was the kidnappers shot a poison needle when it was dark, and it stuck on her neck. As soon as the drug took effect, she instantly fell down and helplessly watched the kidnappers take Beryl away.

"Miss Lu, I'm so sorry. I didn't take good care of Beryl, It's all my fault…" Ina said apologetically, and her eyes were filled with regret. Remorse and guilt were written all over her face, as she blamed herself for Beryl's kidnapping.

"It's not your fault. Have a good rest," Emily said. Even if Emily was still very much worried about Beryl, she suppressed her emotions and instead, comforted Ina.

The narration of Ina's side didn't really provide many clues. After bidding her get well soon, Emily and Jacob left the hospital and searched for Beryl high and low, all over the area by all means, but they still remained blank.

At this point, Emily was in no mood for anyone's company. Just as when she was about to contact the Lu family to ask for help, her phone suddenly rang. It was a call, and she felt that it was a bit strange.

She too

ore expensive clothes, none of those couldn't hide the fact that she gradually withered and became ugly as time passed.

She was just like a shriveled flower, slowly rotting but struggling to survive.

"What's the rush?" Leona said casually. Across her, Emily wanted to say something, but her mouth had gone dry and when she moved them, her bottom lip split a little and oozed blood. "If you wish to see her so much, I can let you see her," Leona continued.

She then walked towards a row of cartons, suddenly lifted one leg, and gave a heavy kick on a random spot in the boxes. The tender cry of a child was suddenly heard, "Em…"

An outstretched arm reach out to one of the carton flaps. Leona peeled it away and pulled out unconscious Beryl. She looked at her as if she was a prize trophy. "See? Is she your daughter? Or I can let you listen to her moan again to make sure," she cruelly said.

"No! Please stop!" Emily pleaded. At that moment, Emily wanted nothing more than to kill the wicked woman in front of her.

However, Leona simply sneered and kicked the little girl back beside the carton. Her hands suddenly drew out two guns from behind her, and aimed one at Beryl.

To see the gun pointed at her child made Emily frightened so much. Her heart twisted in fear as if it was being squeezed by a big hand inside. She even forgot to breathe out of sheer horror. "What do you want? Tell me! Please don't hurt my daughter," Emily now begged Leona out of desperation.

But then, Leona only looked at her up and down with cold eyes. They were filled with deep jealousy and resentment.

The one raped by several men with AIDS should have been Emily. The one who got infected with AIDS should have also been Emily, and not her. Why did she end up the victim instead?

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