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   Chapter 387 Your Daughter Is in Danger

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But before Emily could have answered, Beryl already took the silence as confirmation from her mother. "I know you will agree! Thank you, Mom!" the little child said as she hugged her mother.

Emily was speechless. She did not know whether to tell her child that she would think about it or just let it be. She stole a glance at Jacob who was smiling. 'Maybe it wasn't a bad decision, ' Emily thought to herself.

They stayed at the island for three more days. When their vacation was over, Beryl was reluctant to leave. It was only when Jacob convinced her that they would come back to the island soon did Beryl willingly left.

After getting off the plane and out of the airport, they went straight to Emily's house. And Jacob invited himself to live in with Emily in the latter's house. He described it as honoring his daughter's wish of the three of them sleeping together like a real family.

Though Emily felt uncomfortable with their new setup, she could not drive him out, even if she could do so, because of her daughter.

Emily had difficulty sleeping at night since Jacob lived in with them. Although the door of her room was locked, she had always slept lightly anticipating any of Jacob's tricks just to sleep with her.

Time passed by quickly and it was already a week since the three of them lived together.

At Emily's office that day, it was almost the end of her workday and she was preparing to leave for home when she saw Jacob's car waiting outside of her office building. She clicked her tongue repeatedly in dismay at the sight of Jacob's car.

Emily recalled that Jacob started this routine of taking her from home to work and vice versa a week ago. Since then, she had always wondered if Jacob had accomplished anything from his job ever since he took the role of her chauffeur. 'I wonder how much free time he has, being the CEO of Gu Consortium? Is it even possible?' she thought to herself.

Deep down, Emily was worried that Jacob was prioritizing her above all other important work stuffs, and she did not want to cause him any trouble at work.

"Miss Lu..." Emily's assistant said. She was with Emily when Jacob's car drove by the office building's pick-up and drop-off area and wanted to say something to her boss but hesitated.

Emily sensed that her assistant wanted to say something, so she asked calmly, "What are your thoughts?"

The assistant took a deep breath and decided to finally ask Emily, "You're already together? I mean, you and Mr. Jacob are living in now?"

Emily was caught off guard by that remark. She didn't know where her secretary had known about Jacob and their current living arrangements. She remained composed to avoid showing her embarrassment, "What made you think that?"

"Well, I heard about it. To be honest, everybody in the company talks about it," her assistant timidly replied.

Emily was speechless. She knew that Jacob's crazy behavior would be the talk of the town, but she did not realize it would be this much. Perhaps if Jacob could put a label on her, he would just do to let everyone know she belonged to him.

Of course, everyone in her office noticed, but no one dared to say it to her face.

'So all of them are thinking we're together? This is ridiculous! How

he was torn between putting her in a formal school or just have her homeschooled so Emily could keep an eye on her all the time.

As she was in her deep thoughts about it, her phone suddenly rang. She looked at her phone screen to see who was calling but the number was not registered. She hesitated to answer the call at first, but answered it anyway.

"Am I speaking with Ms. Lu? This is from the police station," the other line said.

Emily sensed something bad happened. She said, "Yes, this is she. What's going on?"

"I regret to tell you that your babysitter was poisoned. She was brought to the nearest hospital and she's in a coma. Before she passed out, she told someone that your daughter had been kidnapped," the other line said.

Emily's world suddenly stopped. Her head was spinning, and she could not hear any other word that the other line said. Her face became pale and she started sweating. She muttered, "Beryl…"

Jacob stepped on the brake and the car abruptly stopped. He saw the look on Emily's face and he became worried. "What happened?" he asked.

She looked at Jacob but couldn't say a word. She was uttering words that Jacob could not decipher. Tears started to fill her eyes, she broke down and said, "Beryl was kidnapped."

Jacob felt his heart stopped beating for a moment. He couldn't believe what he just heard. His breathing became heavy, and he slammed the steering wheel of his car out of anger. As soon as he got back to his senses, he took out his phone and dialed the number of his men and asked them to look for Beryl. He tried to soothe Emily, "Calm down, we'll find her. Everything will be all right."

"Yes, everything will be all right..." Emily blankly muttered, but she was still crying. Her whole body was trembling. She still couldn't believe what was happening and trying to convince herself that it was a prank and that Beryl would be home safe. But then it dawned on her that what was happening was real and her daughter's life was in danger. "What do you think the kidnappers want?" she stuttered. She cried harder and her breathing grew heavier. She tried to calm down and asked Jacob, "Is this for money?"

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