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   Chapter 386 Let Her Spread Her Wings to Fly

The Spoiled Girl By Changdu Characters: 9095

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Emily may have been old enough, but she had fun with fairy sticks before. However, it was the first time she would do such a thing in front of Jacob.

In the past four years that they've broken up, Jacob not only kept tabs of Emily's whereabouts but also investigated her past when he was not yet part of her life.

He learned that Emily used to play fairy sticks with Jack.

And he wanted to change the fairy stick memory for Emily—instead of Jack, he wanted Emily to remember this moment with him from now on.

Eventually, Emily took two fairy sticks from Jacob. Seeing how happy Beryl was while playing with it, she joined the fun by waving the stick into the air, creating different forms.

She could no longer conceal her happiness. She laughed while making shapes and forms from the stick with Jacob and her daughter. All the civility and reservations were suddenly put aside.

At that moment, Emily was neither the mistress of the Lu Clan nor the CEO of the Gu Company. She was a mother, a lover, and an ordinary person who deserved to have fun, feel pain and be sad, and enjoyed what life had to offer.

"So you can laugh," Jacob looked at Emily with tenderness and warmth in his eyes. "This is the first time I've seen you laugh since you returned to Z country."

Emily blushed and touched her face unconsciously in embarrassment, "Have I ever laughed in other occasions?"

"To be fair, you have. But not like this one. Those were forced and cold. This one though was from the heart. A warm and fun laugh," Jacob said. Jacob caressed Emily's hair and played with it a little. He looked at her with romance in his eyes and continued, "I wouldn't count those as laughs if you ask me."

Emily bit her lips and was lost in deep thoughts. Jacob was right; she had not laughed like that before. She had forgotten what genuine happiness was. All these years she had trained herself to smile in front of other people as if it was rehearsed.

Jacob then stepped aside to let Emily play more with Beryl. In front of him were the two most important people in his life. He was even willing to devote his life for their happiness.

If it was for Jacob, he would stop the time at this moment—spending precious moments with his loved ones playing fireworks as if nothing could separate them anymore.

His life was more stable and the past years had been peaceful.

Jacob would allow no one to destroy his happiness—Emily and Beryl. He continued to watch from the side as his girls were happily playing with the fairy sticks.

Two hours later, the fireworks were burnt out leaving only the dark starry night sky. The loud sound of the fireworks was replaced by the calming sound of the waves hitting the

ght." In the end, Jacob was upset that he didn't get the answer he wanted, but he couldn't let Emily see his sadness, so he kept it all to himself that night.

'She must have a good reason," he comforted himself.

Though he couldn't understand where he stood in Emily's life, he would do anything to keep her whatever the cost would be.

Emily was like a butterfly. She belonged to no one. She needed to spread her wings and fly freely. If she ever came back, she would surely stay.

Jacob could only wish that Emily would come back and chose to stay with him.

As the night grew deeper, Emily and Jacob eventually fell asleep.

On the next morning when Beryl woke up, she realized that she was sleeping between her parents. Her heart was filled with overflowing joy as if she was surrounded by strawberry cakes.

Emily felt something move beside her. When she opened her eyes, the first thing she saw was Jacob's handsome face.

"Are you awake? My lazy little cat." When he smiled, Emily's heart skipped a beat. She felt as if she was surrounded by a divine glow.

Emily suddenly remembered that she almost shared the same bed with Jacob. Good thing that Beryl was in between them so nothing unwanted could have happened.

Beryl sat up the bed and asked Emily, "Mommy, did you sleep well last night?"

Emily froze upon hearing that question. She didn't know what to say so all she could mutter was, "Yes, darling. I did." Emily seriously thought that she wouldn't be able to sleep well last night after Jacob tried to piss her off. On the contrary, it was the best sleep she ever had—no nightmares, just sweet dreams.

"That's good," Beryl said in a joyous tone. Beryl's eyes were as lovely as a crescent moon. She looked at Emily and asked, "Can we sleep like this every evening, Mommy?"

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