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   Chapter 385 Sean's Obsession

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Sean was kind to Beryl at first, showing interest in her birthday celebration. But he was just sweet talking with Beryl before showing his true colors. He asked, "Beryl, tell me. Who were you with at the beach earlier?"

Beryl felt weird about her uncle's question and sensed something was wrong, so she hesitated to answer. At that time, Beryl heard her mother called from the mini kitchen, "Beryl, please put away all the shells you picked from the beach today."

"Later, Mom. I'm talking to Uncle now," Beryl politely replied.

The child then turned back to the screen, but the question Sean asked quickly skipped her mind. She just went on jabbering about her funny experiences today.

Afraid to attract Emily's suspicion, Sean did not pursue his query and pretended to be interested in Beryl's stories. In the middle of Beryl's storytelling, Emily asked her to go to bed.

Beryl said goodbye to her grandparents and uncle then left. As soon as Emily's face appeared on the screen, Sean's smile faded. He asked, "Are you with Jacob today?"

Emily firmly decided not to tell him the truth, "No. It's just me and Beryl. You're always overthinking." Sean was sensitive about Jacob, so it was better for Emily to just lie to him to avoid endless troubles and dramas.

Sean stared at Emily doubting if she was telling the truth, "Is that so?"

But Emily did not answer and kept her straight face. She changed the subject, "What do you want, Sean?"

Sean locked his eyes on Emily's calm face without a word for a few minutes; then broke his silence with a plea, "Come back to me, to us."

"I can't. It's not yet the right time," Emily said coldly.

"I miss you so bad," Sean said, pleading to Emily.

"It's already late and I have to go. Beryl is waiting for me. I'll talk to you some other time," Emily excused herself, without any intention of continuing the topic.

Sean was disappointed knowing that Emily was evading the topic, but he said calmly, "Okay, as you wish. Good night then."

"Good night. Bye," Emily immediately ended the video call.

Meanwhile, Sean was gloomy as soon as the video call ended.

He could clearly remember what Emily said before - the reason for her coming back to work was to take revenge. But Sean knew it was all a lie.

He assumed that the real reason Emily returned to Z country was to see that man.

Mr. and Mrs. Lu had not actually left yet. They sat beside Sean and witnessed all his mood changes throughout the video call. They were figuring out why Sean could not let Emily go.

All of a sudden, Sean shouted at them with fury, "I'm telling you! You cannot keep me locked in this house forever! I will get out of here someday and run away!"

Mrs. Lu was startled at the sudden rage of her son, then e

ed to Emily, pointing to the fireworks and said, "Mom, look! It's my name! Is this a birthday present from Dad?"

"Yes, it is," Emily replied, smiling back at her daughter. Jacob bent down to lift Beryl up. He kissed her on the cheek and said, "This is my birthday present for you. I promise to make your future brighter than these fireworks."

Beryl reached out her hand as if catching the fireworks. She happily said, "I got them! They are in my hands now!"

"You can hold the world in your hands. There's nothing in this world that you can't do," Jacob assured his daughter.

"You are the best Dad in the world," Beryl said and hugged her Dad tight.

Emily looked at Jacob and Beryl, feeling like the happiest person in the world. She had all the things she could ever ask for. She cherished this moment like the New Year's Eve from five years ago. That night of New Year's Eve, a man also orchestrated a beautiful firework display of her name. That was the most romantic thing anyone had ever done for her.

And that man was standing right in front of her.

Jacob had not changed over the years. He was the same man she fell in love with – exuding charm of a mature man, but a childish side that only Emily knew. If there was one thing that had changed about Jacob, it was that he loved Emily more than ever.

His love was like a volcano on the verge of eruption – it could melt Emily's heart in an instant.

Jacob handed a sparkler to Emily. The small spark it emitted lightened up Emily's face.

She looked at him and scoffed, "I'm not a kid anymore. It's been a long time since I lit up one like this."

Jacob smiled at her; his eyes were glowing like the sparkler in his hands. He fondly said, "You and Beryl are the most precious things to me. I will spoil both of you forever. I know you like sparklers before, right?"

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