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   Chapter 384 A Good Husband’s Gesture

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Emily called out Jacob's name repeatedly, but she could only hear the echo of her own voice from far away. She looked around but saw no one.

When no one responded to her call, she started to panic. Her mind was clouded with the tragic endings of lovers in TV series and this made her more anxious. She unconsciously rushed to the sea, braving the big waves and the cold water.

She was already far from the shore and water level was already on her waist. Her feet were barely touching the sand and the waves grew bigger and eventually she lost her balance. But before her body hit the water, a strong arm caught her and embraced her tightly from behind.

Emily was startled and turned around to see who it was. But the waves hit Emily's back again and she fell into the familiar arms with her face buried into the man's chest.

Jacob's charming and gentle voice echoed into her ears, "Hey, what's wrong?"

Emily was relieved to hear that sweet voice again, her heartbeat gradually slowed down. But instead of answering the question, she couldn't help but blame Jacob, "Where on earth did you go? You could have at least told me before you go!"

Jacob was surprised to hear these words from Emily. A slight smile crossed his face and he couldn't help but tease her, "You're worried about me, aren't you?"

" No, I'm not!" she stuttered, trying to avoid Jacob's gaze. She then pushed Jacob away and walked back to the shore.

Jacob walked right behind her still smiling. He gently said, "I was just resting on one of those big rocks. There's no need for you to worry, dear. Okay?"

"Yeah, fine. Whatever." Emily answered in a cold voice while walking back to the shore.

Jacob found Emily more attractive when she was pissed. As soon as they reached the shore, he cuddled her up from behind and whispered to her ears, "I'm sorry if I made you worry. But I'm happy to know that you care about me."

Jacob's arms were so strong, and his embrace was tight but gentle. When Emily tried to free herself from his embrace, she failed. She surrendered and grunted, "You're crazy!"

"What if I am?" he answered. Jacob kissed the back of Emily's ear and continued, "I'd rather be crazy and cured by you than to be normal without you."

Emily's face turned red and she could not say anything.

The people on the shore were busy with their own business – some were relaxing under the shade of their umbrella, others were enjoying the water, and few were tanning their skin under the heat of the sun. Emily and Jacob were like ordinary tourists in the foreign country beach. They blended in very well with the crowd and no one knew them; therefore no one could judge them.

This made Emily and Jacob more relaxed and happier.

They just enjoyed the heat of the sun, listening to the relaxing sound of the waves hitting the shore, and treating their eyes to the marvelous, infinite blue ocean.

Emily could not stay mad at Jacob for long and the relaxing vibe of the

t Jacob is like a puppy eager for affection?' Emily thought.

But she did not give in to Jacob's unspoken request. Disappointed like a child who did not get a pat on his head, Jacob continued to prepare the meal for his family. Nevertheless, they all enjoyed this peaceful day and sumptuous meal. Jacob wouldn't trade this day for any other day.


After the pleasant dinner, they went back to their hotel to cap the night. Beryl's birthday celebration continued in their hotel room with a strawberry cake made by Jacob himself. While they were all enjoying the cake, the phone suddenly rang.

Emily picked up the phone and it was Mrs. Lu calling from another country. The old lady first asked how Emily and Beryl were doing. Then she reminded Emily to pick up the parcel they sent for Beryl's birthday. And finally, they asked to have a Facetime with Beryl.

Emily hesitated at first but then gave in. She connected with Mrs. Lu through Facetime and handed the phone to Beryl.

"Grandpa, Grandma..." Beryl could not hide her happiness after seeing her grandparents through the computer screen. She said in native German, "I miss you so much!"

The Lu couple missed their grandchild and was longing to see her in person. Mrs. Lu said, "Happy birthday, our sweet granddaughter. Are you obeying your mother?"

"Yes, I am!" Beryl said happily and continued, "I learned Chinese and I'm quite good at it now. Look, I can show you."

"That's very nice to hear, Beryl," Mr. Lu praised.

The Lu couple had a wonderful chat with their granddaughter.

Emily did not mention to them about Jacob and that he was with them at that time. Beryl was also mum about his father's presence at the hotel room.

The Lu couple was telling Beryl about their adventures; Beryl was likewise enthusiastic about sharing her beach birthday celebration. In the middle of their video chat, another man showed up on the screen.

It was Sean, Cloris' brother and the son of the Lu family.

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