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   Chapter 383 A Real Hooligan

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Warm sunlight trickled down to the living room, bathing everything it touched with a faint golden glow. Emily looked especially beautiful under it, with her white beach sundress accentuating her features. If Jacob could, he would hide Emily from everyone else's sight as her beauty could attract other men as well. If they even saw her right now in her beach attire, they would instantly fall in love and go crazy for her.

Beryl ran around Emily, frolicking. "Mommy, you are so beautiful, just like a fairy!" Beryl exclaimed, her eyes sparkling with delight. Jacob sat on the living room sofa, admiring the view in front of him as well with his dark eyes. His irises held something intense as he continued to gaze at her. Emily was indeed, a truly beautiful woman--and it stirred many things inside him.

Emily felt like someone was staring at her. She whipped her head around and true enough, Jacob's eyes were watching her. When she met his burning orbs, she felt a bit uncomfortable for some reason, contrary to the way she usually behaved in front of other people. It made her feel queasy as she coughed uneasily, and in an effort to change the subject, she said, "Beryl, come here. I will help you change your clothes."

Beryl was happy enough to comply and jumped straight into her arms. "Mommy, I'm going to be a fairy like you! It's great," she declared excitedly.

"Beryl, if you want to dress like a fairy, you should be cooperative with me, okay?" Emily told her and guided her into her clothes gently.

"Okay, mommy," Beryl answered quickly.

From the sofa, Jacob continued to devour her appearance with his eyes, until she closed the door again. A faint smile couldn't help but form onto his lips, and his dark eyes were full of joy and desire.

Meanwhile, Emily helped Beryl get dressed and she slathered a generous amount of sunscreen onto her smooth, delicate skin. After that was done, they joined Jacob in the living room, and they went together outside to the beach.

It was a fine afternoon outside. The previously bright sunlight was now a gentle orange glow of the golden hour. It shone on the sea beautifully, and the water reflected azure tones on the white clouds like a patchwork quilt of color. It wasn't hot, and everything was good. The three of them strolled along the sandy shoreline and basked under the warm, comfortable light of the sun.

Beryl's eyes looked out to the waters. "Wow, how beautiful!" she said in admiration. She felt really happy to gaze at the sea and the beach that she had yearned to see for so long. She looked like a cute, happy pixie as her eyes were alight with a young, girlish enjoyment of life.

She continued to look at the blue waters that captivated her so much. Emily didn't hold Beryl back when she saw how excited she was. She even allowed her to happily pick some shells and play with the sand on the shoreline.

Emily was suddenly broken from her thoughts when someone called out to her. "Emily, come with me," Jacob said. He held an outstretched hand for her to take, a charming smile on his face, and invited her to swim in the sea.

In turn, Emily was fully entranced by his smile, so she took his hand and pressed it firmly into her delicate one. Her vice-like grip held his palm as if she would never let go. A gust of wind from the sea suddenly blew up the skirt of her thin dress, revealing an expanse of velvety smooth, fair skin that looked exquisite under the golden sun.

Jacob's eyes burned with desire as he held Emily wit

Emily's cold fingers touched her face and she answered, "Because the sun kissed my face."

"Oh," Beryl said with a nod. Her young, naive self believed Emily's words and held up a shell she had picked up. "Look, mommy. Isn't this shell beautiful? I want to give it to you!" she said eagerly as her eyes shone with happiness.

"Thank you Beryl," Emily beamed. Emily took the shells from her daughter's little hands, a sweet smile formed on her lips. She admired the beautiful shapes of the shell carefully for a while, then took Beryl's little hand and walked together to her beach umbrella.

When they got there, Emily put on her shawl and soon enough, a waiter came up to take their orders. Then, they were served with vegetables and meat skewered on thick wooden sticks. She was going to have a barbecue on the beach.

There were many tourists on the beach, but Emily was in the best location with a wide view. She sat under a coconut tree, and the beach umbrella completely sheltered her from the sunlight.

Her eyes gazed into the distance, and she even spotted Jacob's undulating figure swimming about in the sea.

Emily had ordered some healthy food that Beryl could eat. She placed them on the grill and turned them over now and then. When they were fully grilled, she looked up again but was surprised to find that Jacob was nowhere in sight.

She looked around repeatedly to search for him. Her eyes swept everywhere, but found nothing. Her anxious eyeballs looked back at the beach, thinking that Jacob might have been ashore already. Her eyes carefully scanned the whole shoreline from left to right, hoping to see that familiar figure.

'No, it's not him... None of them is my Jacob...' she thought worriedly to herself.

Emily felt a growing sense of panic. Where on earth did Jacob go? Did he drown in the waters? Emily was lost in various thoughts of really bad possibilities.

Although he was good at swimming, many unexpected things could happen in the sea...

Her heart sank into the depths of hopelessness at the thought of him drowning. She couldn't sit still in the chair any longer, so she called the waiter and asked him to take care of Beryl. Then, she walked towards the place where Jacob had just been swimming in the sea.

"Jacob, where are you? Don't scare me, Jacob!" she shouted into the distance.

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