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   Chapter 382 Like A Wolf And Tiger

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Ina served breakfast on the table.

Jacob just took one bite at Beryl's request and his lips frowned as he looked at Emily and said, "Your cooking is better.

Why don't you cook something for me?" Jacob looked at her with great expectations, but Emily smiled and put a damper on his mood, "You wish! I haven't cooked for a long time."

"I can cook for you!" said Jacob enthusiastically, sounding more excited rather than disappointed.

Beryl broke into applause, and she cheered, "Dad, I didn't know you could cook. That's so cool!"

Jacob was very satisfied with Beryl's reaction, "Dad will cook for you every day."

Emily was amazed at the strong chemistry Jacob and Beryl shared with each other. Their father-and-daughter relationship warmed her heart.

"If we go to the beach today, will we be in a rush?" asked Emily.

"No, I have gotten everything done. We just need to go," Jacob answered.

"But I haven't set my work up..." Emily looked for excuses, but she changed her mind after Beryl gave her the puppy-dog eyes, pouting her bottom lip ever so slightly. "Okay. I will make some calls and set it up."

"Mom, how nice of you!" Beryl let her face flood with a smile and she clapped her little hands, pulsing on her toes.

Who could refuse such a cute and adorable child?

After making arrangements for her work, Emily agreed to set out. She didn't need to bother about anything else except for her essentials because Jacob had prepared for everything else.

Emily snuggled up with Beryl inside Jacob's car. Little did they know that someone was watching them secretly from a distance until they drove away.

"How long do I have to wait?" Fists clenched, burning rage flowed through Jack's body like boiling lava, as he helplessly watched the three of them drive away together. Despite Jack's placid temperament, he twitched occasionally, as if his eyes would burst wide awake. Deep in his heart, he couldn't wait to step forward and separate them!

Sitting next to Jack, Mr. Gu, with a cane in one hand and the other covering his mouth, coughed intentionally to get Jack's attention. He looked at Jack with a little contempt and said, "Lack of forbearance in su

t myself. You can leave now."

"But you can't reach some parts."

"Don't worry. I can."

Jacob was afraid of infuriating her, so he gave up persisting and left her alone, "If you need anything, just let me know."

Soon after, Jacob left, Emily started putting sunscreen on her body. She remembered what had happened between them before in the hotel when she saw the marks on her body. Dismayed, she cursed at Jacob in her mind.

Although she had volunteered to do that with him to return the favor, he didn't need to nibble at her over and over again like he hadn't eaten for year.

Jacob looked like a hungry animal that had not fed in weeks.

Emily knew they would go to the beach, so she wore a swimsuit, after putting on the sunscreen, and a chiffon scarf to cover the marks on her body.

The moment she walked out and graced Jacob's eyes, his heart skipped a beat.

Even after childbirth, Emily had managed to keep in good shape. It was no surprise that she walked on the runway of a big event such as Starry Night.

Emily looked elegant, dressed modestly in a conservative swimwear. It covered her body while highlighting her attractive curves and slender body. Even angels would fail to meet her heart-stopping beauty.

The chiffon scarf gave her an air of mystery, which made her look like an unattainable fairy.

Each closer step Emily took towards Jacob gave him butterflies in his stomach and he prayed they would never go away.

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