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   Chapter 380 Best Birthday Gift Ever

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Jennifer was left in an extremely awkward position. Sporting a counterfeit smile, she hoped that the awkwardness that bathed the moment would be transient, before she walked away utterly embarrassed.

While, Emily and Jacob stood in the doorway. They remained silent, but the moment their eyes met, they knew that they were still deeply attached to each other.

"Mommy! Who is it?" A child's brisk voice broke the silence. It was Beryl, she clung to her mother and looked outside the door. "Uncle Jacob! Are you here to see me?" Beryl jumped with excitement.

Jacob stared at her with loving eyes, before he bent down and picked her up in his arms, "Yeah! Did you miss uncle Jacob?"

"Yes!" Beryl leaned her head against his chest and answered in an infantile voice.

Emily's heart melted at the sight of such an endearing scene. "Beryl," she called out gently.

Beryl turned around to face her mother with a pair of innocent, twinkling eyes and said, "Mommy?"

Emily was hesitant and doubtful. She weighed the pros and cons in her mind incessantly, but still couldn't decide whether to tell Beryl the truth about her father or not. Finally, she decided to take a leap of faith, "Beryl, he is... He is your real father."

Stunned, Jacob felt like he just got hit by a lightning. The sparks in his brain, desperately tried to connect the dots and instead just caused a short circuit.

'She admitted it!

I am Beryl's biological father! She admitted it!'

Beryl, however, didn't seem as shocked as Emily had expected. Instead, she casually laughed and brushed it off, "I already knew that he is my dad. Didn't you know that, mommy? Ha-ha, mommy you've been such a fool."

Emily had a strange feeling in her gut, but she couldn't put a finger on it. She wanted to keep the secret to herself, but Beryl was sensitive enough to detect her sadness. A small, charming smile broke out of Emily's lips, and she squeezed Beryl's cheeks playfully, "Young lady, you should never talk to your dearest mommy like that."

Jacob held Emily's hand, and almost immediately she could feel the heat rising in her cheeks, but she didn't draw her hand back. "It's Beryl's birthday today," said Jacob.

His words took Emily by surprise. A lot ha

y and would not let her go.

"Aunt Ina, he is my dad!"

"Dad?" Ina was shocked, as she did not expect Beryl's biological father to be that man. Should she stop them?

"Daddy would never hurt mommy!" Beryl patted her chest and said decisively.

Ina wasn't so easily convinced, but before she could do anything, Jacob carried Emily into the room and locked the door behind him.

Jacob laid Emily down gently on the bed. This man's strong body towered over Emily, and she felt apprehensive. She moved backwards subconsciously.

Jacob burst out laughing, "Did I scare you yesterday?"

"No..." Emily did not realize what he was talking about after she had answered him. Her face burned, "Stop talking nonsense, you know what, we should really talk about this outside..."

"Are you sure?" Jacob had made his mind to talk to her seriously, so he stopped making fun of her and moved close to kiss her on the lips.

However, Emily turned her head subconsciously, and the kiss fell on her cheek. She tried her best to keep a calm exterior, "Aren't we going to talk about this?"

"Well, you needed some convincing, so..." This time, Jacob kissed her right on the lips, and acted like, 'If you do not agree, I will just keep kissing you.'

Jacob placed his hands behind her head, and pulled her face close to kiss her. His tongue invaded her mouth and plundered every single bit of sweetness inside.

Emily was the lover that he had been dreaming of.

Poisonous, toxic and addictive.

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